MBN-FOSC-A15-S Horizontal/Inline Joint Closure for FTTx and Network Construction.

Why Choose MBN-FOSC-A15-S Horizontal/Inline Joint Closure for FTTx and Network Construction?

Looking for a reliable solution for your FTTx and network construction projects?

Here’s why the MBN-FOSC-A15-S Horizontal/Inline Joint Closure should be your top choice:

🔌 48 Fiber Capacity: This closure can accommodate up to 48 optical fibers, making it perfect for small to medium capacity fiber optic applications.

🌦️ Weatherproof Design: Built with durable and weather-resistant materials, it ensures long-term reliability in outdoor settings, providing protection in various weather conditions.

🔒 Watertight Seal: Featuring four cable ports, it effectively seals and protects up to four fiber optic cables, maintaining a secure and watertight environment for splicing.

🔌 Versatile Installation: Suitable for aerial, direct-burying, wall-mounting, and pipeline laying applications, offering flexibility for your specific project needs.

🚀 Boost Your Network: With its 2 In 2 Out, 4 Cable Port design, this closure is an essential component to enhance your network infrastructure.

Ready to take your network construction to the next level? Choose MBN-FOSC-A15-S Horizontal/Inline Joint Closure!

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