Which is Better, the LC Or SC Connector?

Which is Better, the LC Or SC Connector? 

If you’re in the market for a fiber optic cable, you’re probably wondering which is better, the LC or SC connector. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each type, as well as how to determine which one is right for you. For data center applications, the LC connector is ideal, as it has a compact design that allows for a variety of connections. SC connectors, on the other hand, are best for regular connections, and they offer a reliable connection at an affordable price.

Fiber optic connector to internet

Appearance of LC, SC Connector

LC connector 

The LC connector was first developed by Lucent Technologies and is one of several small form factor (SFF) connectors. Its ferrule is half the size of an SC connector’s and shares a non optical disconnect with the former. However, the two connectors are largely indistinguishable in size and function. While they are similar in appearance, the differences are not always evident from a distance.

Fiber optic LC connector

The main difference between the two connectors lies in size. The SC connector is much larger in size, with a 2.5mm ferrule. The LC connector, by contrast, is significantly smaller, and is therefore more convenient for use in high-density areas. Both connectors are useful in data centers, and both provide reliable connections at a low cost. However, when deciding between the two types, remember to take into consideration the application in which you’ll use them.

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SC connector

When it comes to choosing between an SC connector and an LC one, you’ll probably want to stick with the push and pull type. This design allows for more flexibility and can connect more connectors than a traditional push and pull type. However, if you’re only installing fiber optic cables in one place, an LC connector is probably better. Because of this, you can easily connect multiple cables with an LC connector and a SC connector in one location.

Fiber optic SC connector

SC fiber connectors are used in Gigabit Ethernet networks and datacom applications, and they are often used in low-end devices. SC connectors have several advantages over their LC counterparts, including low insertion loss, good compression strength, and a low price. The SC connector was originally intended to replace ST connectors, but its price reduction has since made it a popular choice among many companies. SC fiber connectors are also more compact, which is beneficial if you have a small panel.

Let’s follow the article to know the pros and cons of each connector type.

Difference in features of LC connector & SC connector 


Fiber optic LC connector

When constructing fiber communications networks, the choice between an LC or SC connector is critical. Not only does the type of connector affect the design of the fiber, but it also affects cost and deployment speed. Although LC devices have the advantage of being smaller and more convenient, they are far from the only choices. The right connector for your fiber communication network depends on the type of application, budget, and desired performance.

SC UPC Fiber Connector

LC connectors are smaller than their SC counterparts, so they are ideal for a data center, where they can easily connect several different types of fiber cable. The SC connector, on the other hand, is better for regular fiber optic cable connections, since it can accommodate multiple connectors. However, SC connectors are not as compact as LC connectors, and they can be costly. In order to make the right choice, you must learn the pros and cons of each connector type.


Fiber optic SC connector

Since the 1980s, more than a dozen types of fiber optic connectors have been produced. Although the mechanical design of each differs a great deal, the most common elements are summarized in the following picture. The SC connector was developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone of Japan to meet the demands of high-density panel applications. Its compact size, latch-style locking system, and simple design make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

SC APC Connector

The LC and SC connectors have similar handling capabilities but are not interchangeable. The differences are in the design and size of the connectors themselves. It’s important to use matching connectors when installing fibre. This way, you’ll ensure high performance and reliability. In business, fibre installations provide reliable and fast internet for growth and business. However, if you need a more sophisticated internet connection, you can upgrade to a higher-quality fiber.

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