What are some common wall-mounted fiber termination box brands?

The common wall-mounted fiber termination box brands have Corning, Panduit, CommScope, Leviton, Hubbell, Siemon, Belden, HellermannTyton, BWNFiber, etc. As of my last knowledge update in September 2022, several reputable brands in the telecommunications and networking industry offer wall-mounted termination boxes and enclosures. Remember that the availability and popularity of brands may vary by region, and new brands may have emerged since then.


Corning is a globally recognized brand in the field of optical communication solutions. They offer a range of wall-mounted termination boxes and enclosures for fiber optic networks.


Panduit is known for its comprehensive line of network infrastructure solutions, including wall-mounted enclosures and termination boxes for structured cabling systems.


CommScope offers a variety of wall-mounted enclosures and termination boxes for data centers and telecommunications networks.


Leviton is a well-established brand in the field of electrical and networking solutions. They provide wall-mounted enclosures suitable for fiber and copper connectivity.


Hubbell offers a wide range of network infrastructure products, including wall-mounted termination enclosures for both copper and fiber cabling systems.


Siemon is known for its structured cabling solutions, and they provide wall-mounted enclosures designed for efficient cable management and termination.


Belden offers wall-mounted termination enclosures designed for structured cabling systems, including both copper and fiber optic solutions.

Legrand (Ortronics)

Legrand’s Ortronics brand offers wall-mounted enclosures and termination boxes designed for data centers and enterprise networks.

Superior Essex

Superior Essex provides wall-mounted fiber optic termination boxes and enclosures for various network applications.


HellermannTyton manufactures wall-mounted enclosures and termination boxes designed for structured cabling systems.


Original Manufacturer and supplier from China since 2002, professional with design and production of all ODN and FTTX solutions products.

Bwnfiber offers FTTx Solutions Products for applications worldwide


Please note that product offerings and brand reputations may have evolved or changed since my last update. It’s essential to research and consult the most recent sources and reviews to determine which brand and product best meet your specific requirements and budget. Additionally, consulting with local network infrastructure specialists or vendors can provide valuable insights into the most suitable options available in your region.

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