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ODN: Optical Distribution Network

ODN, called an optical distribution network, is an FTTH network based on PON equipment that provides an optical transmission channel between OLT and ONU. It is an integral part of the passive optical network (PON) system to facilitate the two-way transmission of optical signals. It directly affects the performance, reliability, and scalability of the PON system. In addition, PON is the main system for realizing FTTH broadband connection. Therefore, ODN is an important part of the FTTx system. Its reach is 20 km or farther.

ODN: Optical Distribution NetworkODN Optical Distribution Network BWNFIBER ODN Optical Distribution Network

ODN usually consists of fiber optic cables, optical connectors, optical splitters, and supporting equipment for installing and connecting these devices. As an important part of FTTx construction, it directly affects the comprehensive cost, system performance, reliability and upgrade potential of FTTx. ODN construction is to achieve network coverage in the target area. The key is to solve the problem of selecting the location of OLT points, the selection of splitter architecture and splitter location, and the coverage of home optical cables in different buildings and application scenarios. The ultimate goal is to achieve a balance in terms of economy, practicality, flexibility, reliability, manageability, and maintainability.

Bwnfiber is a leading ODN network supplier in China. We provide Optical Distribution Network technology solutions. Our latest version of the ODN 3.0 has a maximum of one splicing point throughout the entire process. We aim to achieve fast and low-cost network construction and accurate resource management. In addition, Bwnfiber is devoted to custom designs. We will tailor the products to meet your needs. Over the years, our products have covered the USA, France, Turkey, Sweden, Brazil, Korea, South Africa, etc.

Components of ODN

ODN usually consists of fiber optic cables, optical connectors, optical splitters, and supporting equipment for installing and connecting these devices. These components determine the efficiency and reliability of ODN. Optical splitters are used to distribute optical signals efficiently. It ensures that data reaches its intended endpoint by splitting signals from a single source to multiple destinations. Other components ensure that signals traverse the network without any loss or interference.

Structures of ODN

The various components of ODN together form an intricate structure. It has five parts: feeder fiber, optical distribution point, distribution fiber, optical access point, and drop fiber.

Feeder Fiber

The feeder fiber acts as the main artery of the ODN. It starts from the optical distribution frame (ODF) in the central office telecommunications room and ends at the optical distribution point. The feeder fiber is responsible for achieving long-distance coverage of optical signals.

Optical Distribution Point

The optical distribution point connects the feeder fiber to the distribution fiber. It houses multiple splitters to ensure optical signals are efficiently branched out to various endpoints.

mst fiber terminal caja nap optical distribution box

Distribution Fiber

The distribution fiber refers to the area from the optical distribution point to the optical access point. It is carried out at the nearest distributed optical fiber to the user area along the feeder optical cable.

Optical Access Point

The optical access point is the gateway for end-users and users connect to the fiber optic network.

Drop Fiber

The drop fiber connects the optical access point to Optical Network Terminals (ONTs). It ensures that the optical signals reach their intended user endpoints and realize the entry of optical fiber into the home.

corning optitap test jumper  Optitap Flat Drop Cable PRECONNECTORIZED DROP CABLE Pre Terminated Fiber Cable corning optitap corning fiber jumper 2 in 1 huawei optitap patchcord Corning optitap patch cable

Three versions of BWNFiber’s ODN

ODN 1.0

1. Ordinary optical cables are used from end to end, and all nodes require fiber fusion.

2. Of the total project cost, 50% is labor cost and 30% is the cost of purchasing optical cables.

ODN 2.0

1. The drop cable and FAT (second-level optical splitter) are pre-connected.

2. The failure rate of FAT and drop cable is greatly reduced.

ODN 3.0

1. There is only one splicing point in the whole process, and the construction efficiency is increased by 3 times.

2. All box connectors are exposed, and there is no need to open the box for on-site construction.

3. All optical cables, boxes, and interfaces are automatically scanned and identified, with 100% accurate resources, which completely solves the problem of ODN dumb resources.

4. MPO cables and single/dual-core pre-connected cables all come with pre-connected connectors, which are plug-and-play and quickly deployed at the construction site.

5. The box and pre-connected cable are fully decoupled and can be constructed in parallel.

6. The construction is simple.

Features of BWNFiber’s ODN 3.0

1. ODN 3.0 adopts a fully sealed design and reduces the risk of damage.

2. It adopts the simple design of a bullet head which is easy to wear through the tube for all-scenario installation in overhead and pipelines.

3. Innovative PLC unequal ratio splitter provides a more reliable connection. We can provide 1:2, 1:5, 1:9, and 1:17 PLC unequal ratio splitter.

PLC unequal ratio splitter1x32 splitteruneven plc fiber optic splitter fiber splitter fiber optic splitter

4. We use plug-and-play ultra-low loss pre-connectors, similar to optical fiber direct connection, to increase coverage by 3km.

5. We adopt a fully pre-connected design and improve FAT installation efficiency by more than 80%.

6. Our FAT uses single-core optical cable cascading, plug and play throughout the process.

7. Our ODN ensures a 90% improvement in network failure recovery efficiency.

8. Low skill requirements, easy to install, labor costs reduced by 60%.


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