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Fiber Cleaver: Precise and Clean Cutting Optical Fibers

Fiber cleaver is a specialized tool for precise and clean cutting optical fibers for splicing, designed to achieve optimal fusion and low-loss connections. When we need to splice two optical fibers together, we usually use mechanical splicing or fusion splicing. Both methods require the fiber tip to have a smooth end surface perpendicular (90°) to the fiber axis. The optical fiber cleaver can cut the fiberglass to form a good end face. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure high-quality connections. These precision instruments are indispensable in splicing optical fibers. In addition, It usually works with fiber optic fusion splicers to do optimum splicing jobs.

fiber cleave

The basic principle of a fiber cleaver is simple. First, the cleaver clamps the fiber at low tension, subjecting the fiber to tensile stress. Second, the fiber surface is scratched with a hard scribing tool at the appropriate location, which produces a sufficiently large surface crack. Then, the cleaver applies greater tension to the fiber, causing the crack to extend across the fiber cross-section. Finally, the fiber breaks. The cleave quality is important in determining the fusion splicing loss. Generally speaking, the precision fiber cleaver is automatic.

Bwnfiber is a leading fiber optic cleave tools and accessories supplier and manufacturer in China. We supply a range of high-precision fiber cleavers for splicing. They can cleave either ribbon or single fiber optic cable. Our fiber cleavers are capable of cleaving fibers with cladding diameters from 125 µm to 3 mm, depending on the model. Meanwhile, our fiber optic cleaver is engineered to attain an exact cutting angle of less than 0.5°. It offers 48,000 cuts. In addition, Bwnfiber is devoted to custom designs. We will tailor products to meet your needs and print your logo. Over the years, our products have covered the USA, UK, France, Turkey, Brazil, Korea, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Fiber Cleaver Products

High Precision Fiber Cleaver Tool with 16 Position Blades

High Precision Fiber Cleaver Tool with 16 Position Blades

High Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver With 48,000 cleaves

High Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver With 48,000 cleaves

Fiber Cleaver with Stainless Steel Pressure Pad

Fiber Cleaver with Stainless Steel Pressure Pad

Types of Fiber Cleaver

Scribe Cleavers

Scribe cleavers are the most primitive type of fiber optic cleaver. It is used to remove fiber from the end of a connector before polishing. Scribe cleavers are usually shaped like ballpoint pens with a diamond wedge tip. The scribe has a carbide or diamond sharp tip which scratches the fiber manually. Then the operator pulls the fiber to break it. Although scribe cleavers are cheaper, they are less accurate and precise. However, if used in skilled hands, this scribe cleaver reduces the cost significantly for repairs and installation.

Precision Cleavers

Precision cleavers are the most commonly used fiber optic cleavers. They can do more precise cutting jobs. A precision cleaver uses a diamond or tungsten wheel/blade to provide the nick in the fiber. Then, tension is applied to the fiber to create the cleaved end face. A precision cleaver can cleave multimode, single-mode fiber, or ribbon fibers and provide up to 48,000 single cleaves. In addition, they are a deal for fusion splicing standard 125/250um & 125/900um fibers and preparing fiber for various pre-polished connectors.


Cleave angle

The cleave angle is the angle at which the cleaver cuts the optical fiber.

Cleave length

Cleave length is the length of the fiber that can be cleaved.

Number of cleaves

Number of cleaves is the number of cleaves the blade can make before replacement is needed.

Fiber type

The type of fiber that can be cleaved.


The size of the cleaver.


How much the cleaver weighs?

Features of Fiber Cleaver

Fiber Scrap Collection

Fiber cleaver automatically collects fiber scraps. Then, store the scraps in internal trash bins. It saves cleaning and safe disposal time.

Automatic blade rotation

The optical fiber cleaver can automatically rotate the cleaver blade when cutting the optical fiber. They can easily, fast, and precise cleaves to prevent double scoring of fibers.


1. What is the MOQ of the fiber cleaver?

The minimum order quantity is 1pc.

2. How many days is the production cycle?

5-10 days.

3. Can fiber cleavers be customized?

Yes. We can customize precision cleavers according to your needs. In addition, we can print your logos on the product.

4. How many cuts can a fiber cleaver make?

Our product guarantees up to 48,000 cleaves.

5. What is the cleave angle of the fiber cleaver?

Our precision cleaver achieves cleave angles typically under 0.5°.

6. What are the types of fiber cleavers?

The most common types include scribe cleavers and precision Cleavers.