MPO Patch Cord For High Density Fiber Optic Network

Bwnfiber provides an extensive and complete line of high-density MTP® and MPO Patch Cords products, including jumpers, fanouts and pre-terminated solutions. MPO patch cords are a type of fiber optic patch cord that uses a multi-fiber connector known as a multi-fiber push-on (MPO) connector. These fiber patch cords are mainly used for use in high-density fiber optic networks, where many fiber cables need to be connected in a small space.

MPO Patch Cords are commonly used in high-density data center and telecommunications environments to provide fast and reliable connectivity for high-speed networking applications. They are particularly popular in data centers where high-bandwidth requirements demand efficient and compact cabling solutions.

Some key features of MPO Patch Cords include:

  1. High Fiber Count: MPO connectors can handle multiple fibers, reducing the number of individual connectors required for high-density applications.
  2. Quick Installation: The push-on design allows for easy and fast connections without the need for additional tools.
  3. High Performance: MPO connectors are engineered for low insertion loss and high return loss, ensuring reliable data transmission.
  4. Interoperability: MPO connectors can be used in various applications, including 40G, 100G, and higher-speed Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks.
  5. Flexible Configurations: MPO Patch Cords can be customized with different lengths, fiber types, and connector combinations to suit specific networking needs.
  • MTP® and MPO are available.
  • PC and APC polish meet standard requirement.
  • Available for 8 and 12 fibers (Further assemblies, 24 fibers available on request).
  • Support Method A, B, C and option for male and female for MTP®/MPO.
  • Further assemblies, fanout length and cable length available on request.