Fiber Cross Connection Cabinet for Fiber Optic Rack-Mountable Hardware

Fiber Cross Connection Cabinet (OCCs) are versatile, fully enclosed cabinets designed for fiber optic rack-mountable hardware. All products in this family offer modular design for incremental growth and are ideal as outdoor protected environments for cross-connect installations.

  • This product is designed for the connection between the Optical fiber cable and the main points, and it is a kind of port device.
  • OCC has the function of direct or indirect connection, coiling, storage, and dispatching on the fiber cable.
  • Cabinets are made of double side wiredrawing stainless steel; with the protection grade, reaching fiberglass-reinforced polyester can endure climate changes and adverse environments. All front access.
  • Suitable for ribbon and no ribbon optic fibers;30 oblique installations of adapters, preventing eyes from laser’s hurts and ensuring the fiber bending radius.
  • Suitable for inserting installation of SC, FC, ST(additional flange) adapters; The bending radii are ensured to be more than 40mm in anyplace.
  • Reliable fiber introduction, grounding and fixing, suitable fiber integrated and optical fibers.