Tight Buffered Flat Drop Cable

Tight Buffered Flat Drop Cable refers to an aramid yarn strength member, the outer two FRP strength members protect both the core and cladding of the fiber. They typically have a similar strength to traditional fiber patch leads. The tight buffer adds structural strength to the cable and helps prevent damage to the fiber core during installation while helping extend the cable’s operational life. The tight buffer also provides improved cable attenuation and fiber core protection when cables bend, meaning the tight-buffered cables are ideal for installations that require a tight bend radius.

  • Model: Tight Buffered Flat Drop Cable 900micron/3mm
  • Name: Tight Buffered Flat Drop Cable
  • Inner sheath color: White
  • Cut-off Wavelength: ≤1260
  • Outer sheath material: PE
  • Outer sheath color: Black
  • Storage Temperature Range(℃): -40+70
  • Operation temperature (℃): -40+70

Tight Buffered Flat Drop Cable Description

900 Micron Tight Buffered Flat Drop Cable:

Cable Structure:

900 Micron Tight Buffered Flat Drop Cable 2

Cable Construction and Features:

  • Flat drop cable with 1 or 2 900-micron (tight-buffered) optical fibers
  • Two FRP strength members
  • Aramid yarn(s) strength member inside inner jacket
  • Black-colored UV-resistant outer PE jacket
  • 500 N operating tensile strength


  • 8,200 FT bulk reel made of plywood or 3,300 FT
  • Dimension: 27.6″ x 27.6″ x 21.7″ Gross Weight: 260 lbs/reel

Technical Data:

Optical Fiber
Type of FiberITU-T G.657.A1/A2/B3
Fiber Count1~2
MFD @1310nmG.657.A1: 8.9 ± 0.4 μm
G.657.A2: 8.6 ± 0.4 μm
G.657.B3: 8.9 ± 0.4 μm
Cladding Diameter125.0 ± 0.7 μm
Coating Diameter245 ± 10 μm
Cut-off Wavelength< 1260 nm
Max. Attenuation≤ 0.40 dB/km @ 1310 nm
≤ 0.30 dB/km @ 1550 nm
Outer Jacket &
Outside Diameter (OD)
Black PE
(4.5 x 8.2) ± 0.5 mm
Tight BufferLSZH, blue/orange, 900 ± 50 μm
Inner JacketWhite LSZH, Aramid yarn(s)
3.0 ± 0.1 mm
Weight20 lbs/kft (45 kg/km)
FRP Strength Members1.5 ± 0.1 mm 2 ea
Tensile Strength500 N (operation)
1,350 N (installation)
Bending Radius10 x OD (static)
20 x OD (dynamic)
Temperature Range-40°C ~ +70°C

3 mm Tight Buffered Flat Drop Cable:

Cross Section of Cable:

3 mm tight buffered flat drop cable 1

Dimensions of Cable Constructions:

Number of fiber1F
Number of fiberG657A2
strength membermaterialɸ1.4FRP*2
Inner sheathmaterialPVC
Outer sheathmaterialPE

Cable Performance:

Min Bending Radius(mm)Long term10D
Short term20D
Max Tensile Strength(N)Long term400
Short term1334
Crush Load (N/100mm)2200
Flex25 cycles
Impact2.94 N/m
Twist10 cycles
Water penetration1 M for 24 hours in accordance with IEC60794-1-2-F5
temperature (℃)
temperature (℃)

Optical Fiber Type and Properties:

Fiber TypeG. 652
Mode field diameter1310nmμm9.2 ± 0.4
1550nmμm10.4 ± 0.8
Cladding diameterμm125.0±1
Cladding non-circularity%≤1.0
Core/cladding concentricity errorμm≤0.5
Coating diameterμm242 ± 7
Coating/cladding concentricity errorμm≤12
Cable cut-off wavelengthnm≤1260
Attenuation Coefficient1310nmdB/km≤0.36
Proof stress levelkpsi≥100