Optical Distribution Point with Solid Splitter 8-16 Cores ODP Solid Model: SJ-OTB-SY-08

Optical distribution point with solid splitter 8-16 Cores ODP Solid are the best solution for your fiber cable management needs. They can be used in homes, offices, or even schools to manage your cables and splitters for internet connection and telephone systems. Fiber distribution boxes, also known as multi-fiber break-out boxes or MFB, are designed with a movable structure for quick and easy installation of fibers without damaging them. We have a professional team who is always ready to discuss business with you. Email us if you have demands in fiber distribution box, we hope to cooperate with you and have a good start!

  • Model: SJ-OTB-SY-08
  • Capacity: 8-16 Cores
  • PLC Splitter: 1pc of 1:8 Splitter; 2pc of 1:8 Splitter
  • Dimension: 345x275x85mm
  • Weight: 2.2-2.4KGS
  • Installation: Pole Mounted
  • Packing information: 62X39X34CM QTY:5 PCS G.W.:13KGS

Something about the SJ-OTB-SY-08 fiber distribution box you need to know

Optical Distribution Point (ODP Solid) is designed to connect to Feeder / Distribution cable to subscriber’s Drop Cable using PLC Splitter in FTTx networks. Optical Distribution Point uses 8 to 16 core capacity SC/UPC and SC/APC, Optical Distribution Point can hold 2 pieces 1:8 Splitter to 1 piece 1:16 Splitter.

ODP has two (2) input ports and 16 output ports on the bottom.ODP Solid Splitter Box can be installed on Poles, Walls, and inside the Closure Pedestal. The ambient temperature ranges from -25°C to 65°C.

Name Optical Distribution Point with Solid Splitter 8-16 Cores ODP Solid
Model SJ-OTB-SY-08
Capacity 8-16 Cores
PLC Splitter 1pc of 1:8 Splitter; 2pc of 1:8 Splitter
Dimension(HxWxD) 345x275x85mm
Number of Inlet/Outlet Ports 3 Ports on Bottom Side
Diameter of Fiber Cable Φ8—Φ15 (mm)
Weight 2.3(kgs)
Packing Info 62X39X34CM QTY:5 PCS G.W.:13KGS


– User familiar industry interface, using high impact plastic
– Can accommodate two 1×8 splitters or one 1×16 splitter
– Ultraviolet resistant and rain resistant
– Up to 16 FTTH drops
– Wall and pole mountable
– 2 inlet capacity, 16 outlet capacity
– Meets cable termination and sealing requirements