48 Cores Multi-operator Fiber Distribution Cabinet Model: SJ-OTB-SY-06

48 cores multi-operator fiber distribution cabinets are designed to keep your cables organized while making them easy to install and maintain. With its movable structure, you can easily change the routes of cables when necessary. This will greatly improve the reliability of your network. With our good products and service, we hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you. Email us if you are looking for  fiber terminal box products at a bulk price.

  • Model: SJ-OTB-SY-06
  • Capacity: 96 cores (6X16 F) + 48 SC adapter
  • PLC Splitter: Max 3 pcs 1:16 PLC Splitter
  • Dimension: 450X180X150mm
  • Weight: 3.2Kgs
  • Packing list: 56x50x45cm 6pcs/ctn 19KGS

Something about the SJ-OTB-SY-06 fiber distribution box you need to know

SJ-OTB-SY-06 Fiber Distribution Cabinet for inside buildings installation, allow connection between multiple operators and customers.

Fiber Distribution Cabinet / Multi operator distribution cabinet is an optical distribution box (for splicing, coupling, and stirring) for Fiber to The Home applications with a capacity of 48 users.

The modules can be stacked to support configurations of greater capacity or to allow the pooling between building operators and commercial operators.

Fiber Distribution Cabinet allows the connection between the cable coming from the outside and the cable of the riser.

Name48 Cores Multi-operator Fiber Distribution Cabinet
Max Capacity96 cores (6X16 F) + 48 SC adapter
Splice Tray6 Pcs
PLC SplitterMax 3 pcs 1:16 PLC Splitter
Protection LevelIP30
Working Temperature -25°C ~ 55°C (5 to 95% Relative Humidity)


Separate compartments for splicing and patching. Each compartment has a door closed by a triangle key system.
Possible scalability depends on the number of operators addressing the building.
Optical cable access left with a lashing system.
Standardized dimensions, according to TELEFONICA recommendations.