New Type 8 Cores Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box Model: SJ-OTB-SY-04

New type 8 cores wall mount fiber distribution box is specially developed for splicing and terminating optical cables, with splice trays and cable management. It offers a safe, secure, and reliable solution to installing your fiber optic communication system. This fiber distribution box is the perfect way to split incoming and outgoing cables. If you have a network project to require bulk quantity splitter distribution box, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick quotation.

  • Model: SJ-OTB-SY-04
  • Capacity: 8 Cores
  • PLC Splitter: 1×2,1×4,1×8 Mini Splitter
  • Dimension: 235X126X52mm
  • Installation: Wall-mounted
  • Material: PC+ABS

Something about the SJ-OTB-SY-04 fiber distribution box you need to know

Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box is used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in the FTTx communication network system. The fiber splicing, splitting, distribution can be done in this box, and meanwhile, Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box provides solid protection and management for the FTTx network building.

The entry 2ports can use multi-fiber cable maximum diameter 12mm. The output ports are 8pcs.
Meanwhile, the unique design of separate covers for the adapter and cable entry/exit ports makes it more safe, more nice, and humanity.

Name New Type 8 Cores Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box
Model SJ-OTB-SY-04
Capacity 8 Cores
Splice tray 1pc
PLC Splitter 1×2,1×4,1×8 Mini Splitter
Max. Adapter 8pcs SC Simplex Without Flange
Cable Ports 2inlet, 8outlet
Cable diameter In:10mm, out: 5mm
Material PC+ABS
Color Gray
Dimension(HxWxD) 235X126X52mm
Installation Wall-mounted


1.Total enclosed structure.
2.Material: PC+ABS,wet-proof,water-proof,dust-proof,anti-aging, protection level up to IP54.
3. Clamping for feeder cable and drop cable, fiber splicing, fixation, storage, distribution…etc all in one.
4. Cable, pigtails, patch cords are running through their own path without disturbing each other, cassette type SC/LC/PLC adaptor installation, easy maintenance.
5. The distribution panel can be flipped up; feeder cable can be placed by expression port, easy for maintenance, and installation.
6. Cabinet can be installed by the way of wall-mounted or poled-mounted, suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.
7. All the materials used are non-toxic and dermatologically safe.
8. The materials used for manufacturing these boxes can use for a minimum period of 20 years.

Accessories like below:
Cable nylon ties
Heat shrinkable tube
Wall mount expansion screws
Sealing of inputs or outputs
User manual
Adapters or plc splitter

SJ-OTB-SY-04 Application

1. Widely used in FTTH access network
2. Telecommunication Networks
3. CATV Networks
4. Data communications networks
5. Local Area Networks(LANs)