Fibre Optic Distribution Box 12 Cores Model: SJ-OTB-SY-01

SJ-OTB-SY-01 fibre optic distribution box 12 cores are widely used as Fiber patching panels, Fiber splicing box and Fiber termination box during the installation of optical fiber communication system. The high quality and elegant appearance meet customer needs. We are providing quality termination box products and real-time quotations,if you have any demand for fiber optic distribution box, pls don’t hesitate to email us for more details.

  • Model: SJ-OTB-SY-01
  • Capacity: 12 Cores
  • Dimension: 198X112X45mm
  • Installation: Wall Mounting

Something about the SJ-OTB-SY-01 fiber distribution box you need to know

Fibre Optic Distribution Box suits for jointing fibers with fiber pigtail and Fibre Optic Distribution Box protects fiber optic splices and helps to distribute.

The Fibre Optic Distribution Box is either a wall-mounting type or desktop type, which is mainly in the telecommunication equipment room and network equipment room.

Fibre Optic Distribution Box is applicable for splicing 2 pieces of fiber cable with max. diameter Ø16mm, 12 ports pigtails.

NameFibre Optic Distribution Box 12 Cores
Capacity12 Cores
InstallationWall Mounting


1. The structure of SJ-OTB-SY-01 is innovative, designed in up-down bisection. Its installation is simple. By untightening 2 pieces of fixing nut, it succeeds in opening the housing and it allows fiber cable and fiber pigtail to pass in and out on a single side.

2. The housing case of SJ-OTB-SY-01 is made of the well-chosen steel plate and processed in standard size by molding with good performance in mechanical strength. The case surface is electrostatic powder-coated. It affords a good appearance and durable use.

3. The Splice Tray is designed in SLIDE-IN-LOCK and its opening angle is above 90°. Therefore it is easy for installation and maintenance. The curved diameter meets the international standard. The capacity of the tray is 6-12 cores.