Optical Junction Box SC 24 Cores Model: SJ-OTB-ST-07-A

Optical junction box SC 24 cores are designed with high density fiber connectors for easy installation and can be used for patching, splicing and termination in one location. We also carry fiber distribution boxes that are ideal for use in data center applications. Fiber optic distribution boxes are widely used as fiber patching panel, fiber splicing box and fiber termination box, etc. Email us of you have demands in fiber termination box, we are glad to help you provide better services and make your work more convenient.

  • Model:SJ-OTB-ST-07-A
  • Capacity: 24 Fibers
  • Dimension:300X210X55mm
  • Installation: Wall Mounting
  • Material: ABS

Something about the SJ-OTB-ST-07-A fiber distribution box you need to know

Optical Junction Box / Optical Terminal Box (OTB) is mainly used for connecting the indoor optical cables, optical patch cords, and optical pigtails. Optical Junction Box can be wall-mounted, facilitates the test, and refit of the lines.

NameOptical Junction Box SC 24 Cores
Capacity24 Fibers
InstallationWall Mounting

Usage and Properties

a) Suitable for the protective connection between cables and pigtails
b) Suitable for the connection between optical cables and optical communication device
c) Small volume, unique structure, easy installation, for indoor use