5U 288 Cores Fibra Optica ODF Model: SJ-OTB-M23

SJ-OTB-M23 5U 288 cores fibra optica ODF help to organize a group of fiber bundles and connect them in a conventional way by using adapters. Get the most out of your network with our Fiber Optic Patch Panel. It allows for easy access to connections, allowing for easy and convenient installation. This product is also compatible with all frame sizes, ensuring a clean network appearance. The fiber optic patch panel is widely used in various network environments to protect and optimize the use of optical fibers, such as FTTH/FTTO and CATV, etc. It connects the two ends of a fiber cable. If you are interested in our fiber optic cable termination patch panel, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bwnfiber, we have all options that you need in network connections.

  • Model: SJ-OTB-M23
  • Capacity: 288 Cores SC/APC SC/UPC Duplex
  • Splice Tray Capacity: 12 Fibers/Tray; 24 Fibers/Tray
  • Dimension: 19″X5UX400mm
  • Adapter: FC, SC, ST, LC Adaptors
  • Installation: Drawer Type Rack-mount
  • Color: Black, White and Grey, or Customized
  • Material: Cold-rolled Steel

Something about SJ-OTB-M23 fiber optic patch panel you need to know

Fibra Optica ODF is mainly used as terminal equipment of fiber optical cable for optical fiber wiring, fixation, fusion, and patching. The Fibra Optica ODF is a modulated design with drawable trays inside and cold-rolled steel box. Fibra Optica ODF could be pre-installed with various kinds of fiber optic adapters and pigtails.

Fibra Optica ODF is with standard 19-inch size and properly designed to control the bend radius of the cable inside the enclosure to avoid extra optical loss. Its front mark on the plates is easy for identification and operation.


Easy to operate and convenient maintenance
Excellent mechanic performance, solid and durable
It is mainly used in the CATV, telecommunication equipment room and network equipment room

Name5U 288 Cores Fibra Optica ODF
Capacity288 Cores SC/APC SC/UPC Duplex
Splice Tray Capacity12 Fibers/Tray; 24 Fibers/Tray
InstallationDrawer Type Rack-mount
MaterialCold-rolled Steel
AdaptorFC, SC, ST, LC Adaptors