Sheet Steel Enclosure, Stainless Steel Enclosure Model: SJ-OFOC-WLG

SJ-OFOC-WLG sheet steel enclosure, stainless steel enclosure, also known as a “metal box”, or “power distribution box” (PDB), is a rigid enclosure made of sheet-metal that houses the equipment in an FTTx system. The metal enclosure is used to protect the components from moisture, dust and other extremes of weather. The technology required for the production of metal enclosure for FTTx is not contrary to the other technologies for making this type of enclosure where the most important thing is that there should be specific standards and specifications for designing, construction and installation. If you are looking for quality metal enclosure for FTTx, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Model: SJ-OFOC-WLG
  • Dimension: 850X700X400mm
  • Installation: Ground Mounted; Pole-mounted
  • Material: Stainless Steel; Cold Rolled Steel
  • Protection Degree: IP 66
  • Impact Resistance: IK10
  • Color: Color can be customized according to customer requirements
  • Package: Product is packed in carton or based on customers’ request

Something about SJ-OFOC-WLG equipment enclosure you need to know

Sheet Steel Enclosure providing IP66 and IK10 protection which are ideally suited to industrial applications. Sheet Steel Enclosure makes them suitable for harsh environments. Sheet Steel Enclosure is used for outdoor applications.

The Sheet Steel Enclosure includes steel backplate, gland plate for top or base mounting, wall mounting brackets, lock, and key. Manufactured from galvanized steel and powder-coated in a different color as customer request. Earth pre-wired door to housing, IEC 60529 compliant.

NameSheet Steel Enclosure
InstallationGround Mounted; Pole-mounted
MaterialStainless Steel; Cold Rolled Steel
Protection DegreeIP 66
Impact ResistanceIK10
MaterialBox & Door : sheet steel 1.2mm-1.5mm
Mounting plate: Zinc-coated plate 1.5mm-2.0mm
Surface TreatmentPhosphating, Electrostatic powder spraying in orange-peel or plain finish
ColorColor can be customized according to customer requirements
PackageProduct is packed in carton or based on customers’ request


1.Provides protective function and power socket with all-purpose outlets
2.Convenient and quick to change transmission system route
3.Power outlet and air switch have surge protective device, which prevents inner facilities from thunder impact effectively
4.Double-door design, convenient for installation & maintenance
5.Flexible configuration for clients’ choices, simple operation and easy for maintenance
6.Shutter design for cabinet window, in favor of the heat dispersing &venting of active equipment.
7.Using Cold Rolled Steel material, and surface treatment of deareasing, rustproof, phosphoric spraying, exquisite design with precise dimension and craftsmanship.


1.The overall dimension could be customized made by requirement.
2.The configuration of Box can be customized according to customer requirements.

Optional Accessories:
Perforated mounting strip, Mounting plate, Wall fixing brackets Lock (According to customer requirements), Gland plate, Rain canopy, Support rails Mounting clip for support rail For more accessories.

Fully introduction of Bwnfiber fiber optic equipment enclosure

What is an equipment enclosure?

An equipment enclosure is an enclosure made specifically to protect equipment and devices from the external environment. It is most commonly used outdoors to protect equipment such as wiring systems, steam equipment, telecom devices, and electrical infrastructure from potential damage caused by weathering or contamination by animals or pests.

What is an equipment enclosure

Outdoor equipment enclosures come in many different sizes and designs, providing a secure option for protecting equipment over long periods of time. This weatherproof rack enclosure is constructed with durable stainless materials that are resistant to corrosion, fire, water, dust, and other outdoor elements.

With advances in technology and design, environmental enclosures can be customized to fit individual applications further increasing their security and reliability.

details of equipment enclsoure

What functions does metal enclosure equipment do in the wiring system and small devices?

Metal equipment enclosures are essential for ensuring that outdoor equipment, such as wiring systems and small devices, is rainproof, dustproof, and safe. It is a kind of weatherproof rack enclosure used to protect the content.

Meeting high-quality standards, these enclosures feature precision welding, a door frame with a quality seal to prevent rain from dripping down, multi-hole heat dissipation and ventilation cooling on both sides of the box and the bottom of the rain-proof cap to reduce the temperature inside the box, as well as an aluminum zinc-plated square hole strip quality plate on the back of the front door.

This equipment can also be used for a variety of occasions with ease due to its wide range of applications.

All in all, metal equipment enclosures provide several benefits for modern technology systems and equipment.

  • Rainproof, dustproof, safe, and durable

The equipment enclosure has a rainproof cap design, precision welding, door frame with a high-quality seal, which can prevent the rain from dripping down and causing accidents.

Rainproof, dustproof, safe, and durable equipment enclosure

The waterproof electrical enclosures are suitable for outdoor application, can protect the devices in harsh environments, are widely applicated in construction sites, residential complexes, factory workshops, and power chemicals, and plays an important role to protect the wiring system and small devices in FTTx network projects, telecom projects, and others.

  • High-quality heat dissipation and ventilation cooling

The metal equipment enclosure is designed with multi-hole heat dissipation and ventilation cooling. Both sides of the metal equipment enclosure box and the bottom of the rain-proof cap have heat dissipation openings, effectively reducing the temperature inside the box to avoid accidents caused by high temperatures.

What types of equipment enclosure Does Bwnfiber provide?

Bwnfiber provides metal equipment enclosures in different materials, different sizes, and different protection grades. The inner design can be customized.

Our material covers below:

  1. Stainless Steel 201
  2. Stainless Steel 304
  3. Cold Rolled Steel

Our size also can be customized, we have:

300X200X400mm (12x8x16 inch);
350X460X120mm (14x18x5 inch);
400X200X500mm (16x8x20 inch);
400X600X300mm (16x24x12 inch);
500X400X200mm (20x16x8 inch);
700X600X300mm (28x24x12 inch);
800X600X150mm (32x24x6 inch);
850X700X400mm (34x28x16 inch);

What does the equipment enclosure consist of?

What does the equipment enclosure consist of

– Can be equipped with thermostatic fans as required

According to the use of the demand for the top with different numbers of fan circulation cooling

thermostatic fans for equipment enclsoure

– Removable pallet

Removable pallet for equipment enclsoure

The removable pallet is used to hold on the devices, has a strong bearing capacity, features solid and stable, not easy to deform.

It is fixed on the equipment enclosure by screw, is easy to install, and is adjusted at will.

-Reasonable wiring port

Reasonable wiring port of enclosure cabinet

The back and bottom of the wall-mounted cabinet are equipped with wiring ports that can be disassembled according to demand.

-Rainproof sealed hinge

rain proof sea hinge of equipment enclsoure

The equipment closure is designed for outdoor use and wall-mounted usage, with a rainproof sealed hinge, making it waterproof and anti-corrosion, with better sealing.

– Quality door lock

Quality door lock for equipment enclsoure maintance

The outdoor equipment enclosure also is the lockable electrical enclosure. It is important to be equipped with a quality door lock so that you can avoid some misuse of free professionals, customized smart lock is available.

-Side cooling holes

side heat sink

The wiring system, steam equipment, telecom devices, or electrical infrastructure are always producing heat capacity when they are in working.

So it is important to create a good heat dissipation environment for them. That’s why Bwnfiber designs more cooling holes for outdoor electrical cabinets.

-Top heat sinkhole

Top heat sinkhole

Top heat sinkhole

The top heat sinkhole is designed for thermal dissipation and also needs to avoid the raining.

How to custom the equipment enclosure from Bwnfiber?

If you want to custom environmental enclosures from Bwnfiber, please give us the detailed information below:

Custom instructions.

1、Product type: Bwnfiber provide customized equipment enclosure for outdoor, indoor, wall mounted, flooring, open installation and concealed installation.

When you want to custom-metal outdoor enclosures for wiring systems, telecom projects, or others, please note the product type to us, so that we can give you a better solution according to our experience.

2. Specification size: For customized size, please give us a specification size about length, width, and height. And also note whether the height includes the roof and whether the width includes the external door size. Such as 19 inch rack enclosure, 18-inch width, and 24-inch length.

3. The requirements of external door: Sometimes the professionals need to see the interworking situation of the equipment enclosure, or need more holes for heat dissipation for some devices producing high temperatures.

If you need, please tell us whether the external door needs an observation port or opening holes.

4. Printing requirement: Printing graphics or letters can help you mark the equipment control enclosure so that you can know the inner devices they are or something. This printing may be helpful when you maintain the whole project.

If you need printing on the outer door surface of the metal equipment enclosure, please specify in advance.

5. Appearance: We have some equipment enclosure designs for selection. You can choose to add something based on our design, such as flat top, single door, door, double doors, front and rear doors, up and down / left and right doors, etc.

6. Installation methods: We’d like to know your installation methods, whether internal configuration components board or electrical beam or other installation methods, this information would be helpful for us to design your customized equipment enclosure better.

7. Needed accessories: According to your application, you may have demanded some helpful accessories for your projects. Such as stranded chains, and door locks.

If you have special requirements for accessories, please note us.

8. In and out of the line hole: For the holes, we hope you can give us specific nums and the diameter of the hole, and the shape of the hole – round or square.

All of these can be customized.

9. Ventilation requirements: Whether you need louvers on the both of equipment enclosure for heat dissipation, and whether needs to ventilate under the rain cap, etc.

The more details of the stainless equipment enclosure, the better the final customized equipment enclosure box product you can get.

10. Material description: Bwnfiber provide 201 stainless steel outdoor enclosure cabinets and 304 stainless control enclosures, plate thicknesses are also different.

0.8cm, 1.0cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, and 2.0cm thickness stainless plates are available in customized stainless steel equipment enclosures.

If you have special requirements, please provide production drawings. If you do not have a production drawing file, please send us detailed instructions, and we can provide technical services.

Why choose Bwnfiber to make outdoor equipment enclosures?

Bwnfiber has more than 16 years of experience in the FTTx industry, specialized in designing, developing, and manufacturing various electric metal enclosures, cabinets, and box component parts and complete assemblies since 2002, exports fiber optic products to the USA, UK, France, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Brazil, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Portugal. We always can produce a suitable outdoor equipment enclosure for your project.

  • Stainless steel material
  • Laser cutting technology
  • Non-standard can be customized
  • Factory direct salesa

The fabrication facility is equipped with advanced Laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC shearing and bending, Automated welding machines and large injection machines group, etc., our company has the superior production capability to satisfy all your technical requirements and processing precision requirements.

Bwnfiber is able to customize all standard enclosures to each client specifications; Stainless steel, and galvanized steel enclosures, changing the size and the shape of the enclosure is no problem at Bwnfiber Enclosures!

Adding additional holes or cut outs to products is a daily duty for Bwnfiber’s craftsman.
At Bwnfiber, we can meet our clients’ exact requirements, customizing the enclosure to detailed specifications before sending it off to them for production. This eliminates the need for multiple prototypes, saving time, and cost along the way!
–Quality is the soul of Bwnfiber.
–Time is gold for both of us.

What is the equipment enclosure mainly used for?

What is the equipment enclosure mainly used for

An equipment enclosure is a protective metal outdoor enclosure that houses equipment used for controlling electric and electronic equipment.

It can also protect from weather, theft, and accidental contact with equipment and machinery.

The equipment enclosure serves many purposes—it helps protect equipment from environmental conditions, supports unusually shaped equipment, shields equipment from power surges, and reduces noise levels when set near a highway or on a large industrial site.

applications of equipment enclsoure

The security of an equipment enclosure provides commercial and facility owners peace of mind as well; it keeps unauthorized users away from the control enclosure’s contents.

Overall, equipment enclosures provide several important functions that are essential to the safety and performance of everyday operations.

Application in a wide variety of industries, such as Medical, Industrial, Consumer Goods, Communication Network, Steel Mills, Transportation, Power Control, Construction, engineering, Industrial mining, electrical

Manufacturing of equipment enclosure

Bwnfiber manufactures and supplies metal enclosure panels from our own factory, mainly used for controlling the electrical devices and wirings. We export quality outdoor equipment enclosures, wall mount enclosures to USA, UK, France, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, etc at wholesale price, and quality assurance.

Manufacturing of equipment enclosure

CAD design, drafting of shop prints
CNC programming, CNC Machining, CNC Manufacturing, CNC Punching, etc.
Shearing, cutting in smaller pieces
Punching, perforating holes and profiling the parts to finished size
Laser Cutting, perforating holes and profiling the parts to finished size
Graining, and deburring to produce the fine cosmetic finishes
Forming, and bending the parts precisely to the specifications
Welding, producing weldment assemblies precisely to meet the specifications.
Plating, applying the protective or decorative coating
Painting, applying the protective or decorative coating
Printing, applying the lettering, legends, and logos
Assembly, hardware insertion, installing captive fasteners and the mechanical assembly of products
Inspection in all phases, assuring that the products conform with the specifications provided by our customers
Shipping, wrapping, packing, documenting, and shipping to our subcontractors and our customers

details of rack enclosure details of metal equipment enclsoure details of eqipment enclsoure

Package of equipment enclosure cabinet

Bwnfiber always package the equipment enclosure by the standard carton. But if you have other requirements in packages, we also accept the customized package for the equipment enclosure, please contact us before shipment.

Usually in Wooden Protection Box.

(a) Film around the spare parts.
(b) EPE corner protectors in the four corners of the carton.
(c) High-quality cartons with the strip.

Package of equipment enclosure cabinet