ODF 24 Core, 24 Port ODF Model: SJ-ODF-24

SJ-ODF-24 ODF 24 core, 24 port ODF is designed to deliver power to multiple appliances. The system ensures better connection between the devices and reduces energy losses. The right arrangement of electrical circuits in the home helps avoid power spikes, which can damage appliances. If you are looking for quality fiber optic distribution frame from China supplier, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. we will give you excellent service and competitive price.

  • Model: SJ-ODF-24
  • Dimension: 90X485X285mm
  • Capacity: 24 Fibers

Something about SJ-ODF-24 ODF 24 Core you need to know

ODF 24 Core unit is specially designed for the optical fiber communication equipment room. ODF 24 Core has the function of cable fixation, protecting fiber cable terminating, wiring, distribution, and protection of fiber cores and pigtails. Complete modular design and front operation for the ODF 24 Core.

NameODF 24 Core
Capacity24 Fibers

Metal plate unit box structure, beautiful appearance.
19″standard installation has good versatility.
Complete modular design and front operation. The unit box integrates fiber fusion, splicing, wiring, distribution, into one every single splice tray can be pulled out separately, satisfying the operation in or out of the box.

ODF 24 cores Construction Precautions

Optical fiber ODF 24 cores are suitable when you are performing wiring connections. It works for both optical cable and optical communication devices. With the help of the ADAPTER in the ODF, the optical jumper leads the signal out.

The transmission of the signal completes the wiring function. You can use an Optical fiber ODF  24 cores to perform various tasks. The most common task is protecting the connections of optical cables. You can also use it for protecting distribution fiber optic pigtails.

Other uses are in optical fiber terminal points. It works well, especially in fiber access networks. Note that capacities vary for different optical fiber ODFs. The 4U ODF in the blink high-density solution can support even up to 2800 optical cores.

Construction Notes:

You require an Optical Cable ODF 24 cores for termination purposes. It should also be there to help you with the management of optical cables. Equipment rooms and wiring closets often have many cables. Let’s now take a look at the installation process for optical cable ODFs:


Put the optical cable adjacent to the optical cable fixing plate. You should position it on the backside of the optical cable ODF 24 cores.


Carefully trim the end of your fiber cable to 1m in length. Take a length that’s appropriate for your system, maybe about 1500mm. Peel the outermost sheath and insert one end of the ground wire into the optical cable’s stripping point. Please, make sure you wrap it using a film. It helps in keeping it in contact with the steel tape of fiber optical cable armor.

Take the reinforcing core approximately 85mm or any appropriate size from the stripping point. You’ll have to cut off the remaining part. Make the reinforcing core fix on the steel wire seat. Using a hose clamp, make the core stable and tighten it.

When you need to replace the stripped optical cable bundle tube, coil it on the take-up area. Proceed to introduce the PVC protective hose. Fix it on the welding disc using a cable tie in the right place.



Measure an appropriate length of the optical fiber pigtail. The length should preferably be 2 meters. Put a sticker on the two ends. Proceed to fix one end of the fiber pigtail on the corresponding adapter, of the 6-port adapter. Take the other end to the inport part of the fiber splice tray. Fix the pigtail with a cable tie on the fusion disc.



Put the back box cover plus the splicing disc to the outer part of the box for splicing. For durability and performance, the splicing point has a heat-shrinkable tube. But that’s not all! It is also put in the splice tray tube holder. You need to cover the protective cover. After you complete it, you should move on to fix the back box cover. Straighten it up and do not forget the optical fiber.



Once you fix the optical fiber jumper in other positions, only the PVC needs further adjustment. You need to introduce it directly to the cable tie board at the back part of the box.

Introduction of Fiber Optical Distribution Frame

Fiber Optical Distribution Frame is an optical distributed networking system that provides a high-speed digital connection to all network interface port devices within specific locations, such as homes and enterprises. The frame distributes local network data to multiple network interface ports through one or more central locations.

The fiber optical distribution frame features a laminated polycarbonate structure that is concealed by an acrylic and glass outer skin. The fiber optic connectors on the front panel of this unit allows you to plug any fiber optic cable in, while the rear panel provides space for a minutiae safety area.

Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

Structure of Fiber Optic Distribution Frame

Bwnfiber optical fiber distribution frame, installed the internal tail fiber, optical fiber has installed telecom level adapter. When you use the optic fiber distribution frame (ODF) in FTTx system, what you only need to do is welding. With advantages of use convenient, high work efficiency, and stable data comission.

LC, FC, SC, ST connectors are available.

  • Punched pigtail

12 color bunched pigtail, easy to identify and easy to use

  • High precision flange

High precision ceramic bushing, stable connection, loss of less than 0.2dB

  • Ark screw
  • Tie

Structure of Fiber Optic Distribution Frame

Types Of Fiber Distribution Frame

The fiber optic distribution frame is designed to distribute, transmit and route optical signals within the network it runs. These frames are offered in various types such as the modular frames and slide-in frames.

The pull-in frame is available in two configurations: horizontal in which head stages are placed on top of one another, or vertical in which head stages are stacked on top of each other.

Features of Fiber Distribution Frame

Fiber optic distribution frames are among the most essential parts of a business setup. Once you have selected your fiber optic distribution frame, you will be better able to find the right type for your needs and budget. What makes these frames so good is their versatility, reliability and durability.

List are features of ODF:

  • Wear-resisting
  • Waterproof
  • Rust
  • Generous appearance
  • Long service life

Application of Fiber Optic Distribution Frame

Fiber optic distribution frame is used to connect optical fibers from one point to another in a network. The fiber optic distribution frame is the bridge between the end users, who require access to the optical transmission media, and the infrastructure providers, who own and operate physical parts of the communication system and provide their customers with access to those networks. This can be any type of communication systems such as wireless, satellite or corporate networks. Depending on your requirements, you may also be able to provide wideband services and broad area networking opportunities between cities and rural areas as well as within cities.

This fiber optic distribution frame can be fitted with two optical modules to ensure visual performance outdoors and indoor. Fiber optic distribution frame can be used in different locations such as:

  • Shops
  • Lifts
  • Halls
  • Offices

Applicable to all types of network environments

The optical fiber distribution frame is used in dense cabling systems between buildings optical fiber communication systems, LAN cabling optical link interconnection in active equipment.

  1. Desktop computer
  2. Switches
  3. Laptop computer
  4. Digital printer
  5. Remote monitoring

Application of Fiber Optic Distribution Frame

Why Bwnfiber Fiber Optic Distribution Frame

Bwnfiber is a leading fiber distribution frame supplier in China, we are responsible for every ODF product, and do the optical fiber breakpoint detection before packing shipments.

After the business is sold, the work doesn’t end for Bwnfiber. We are always behind our customers and provide them with support so their businesses can continue to grow.

Optical Fiber Distribution Frame ODF

Manufacturing Of Fiber Optic Distribution Frame

Bwnfiber is an original fiber optic distribution frame supplier in China, we manufacture the ODF product from our own factory. From the raw material to the final fiber optic product, we highly control the quality of every process.

As an original optic distribution frame manufacturer, we not only provide quality assurance, but also we can provide the best price to you, free sample is available.

Manufacturing Of Fiber Optic Distribution Frame e1667291494660

Package of Fiber Distribution Frame

Bwnfiber always packages our product by standard carton as below. But actually, we also support the customized package service from our customers. If you have demands for customized packages, please contact us early.

Package of Fiber Distribution Frame