Fiber Optic Distribution Box 1X16 PLC Model: SJ-ODB-SQ13-A

SJ-ODB-SQ13-A fiber optic distribution box 1X16 PLC  is used to wire, splice and distribute optical fiber cable. The fiber optic distribution box is used to wire, splice, and distribute optical fiber cable. Meanwhile, the splitter distribution box guarantees that the working of your equipment is always safe and secure, so you can finish setting up the equipment and have everything installed in a short period of time. Email us if you have a great deal in fiber distribution boxes.

  • Model: SJ-ODB-SQ13-A
  • Capacity: 24 Fibers
  • PLC Splitter: 1pcs of 1X16 SC PLC Splitter; 2pcs of 1X8 SC PLC Splitter
  • Dimension: 330x240x95mm
  • Installation: Wall-mounted; Pole-mounted
  • Material: ABS+PC

Something about the SJ-ODB-SQ13-A fiber distribution box you need to know

Fiber Optic Distribution Box is used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable. The fiber splicing, splitting, distribution can be done in this box, and meanwhile, the Fiber Optic Distribution Box provides solid protection and management for the FTTx network building.

NameFiber Optic Distribution Box 1X16 PLC
Capacity24 Fibers
PLC Splitter1pcs of 1X16 SC PLC Splitter
2pcs of 1X8 SC PLC Splitter
InstallationWall-mounted; Pole-mounted


Material: PC+ABS, UV protection,water-proof, dust-proof, anti-aging, protection level up to IP65, it can be used outdoor, indoor.
Can max contain 24 ports FTTH Drop cable;
2 ports for cable and 24 ports for drop cable;
Capacity:1pcs of 1X16 SC PLC Splitter; 2pcs of 1X8 SC PLC Splitter
Wall and pole mountable;
Spacious inner space to ensure easy protection and storage of optic fiber

Compliant with fast-connector and FTTH cable.
Available to meet the cut connection function for the live cable.
Environmental Conditions:
Working temperature: -20°C~+55°C
Relative Humidity:≤ 85%(+30°C)


FTTx, FTTH, FTTB, FTTO, Telecom network, CATV. Provide fusion and storage appliance for optical cables, for indoor fiber optic cable distribution.