Fiber Optical Distribution Box 32 Cores Model: SJ-ODB-M11

SJ-ODB-M11 fiber optical distribution box 32 cores provide cost effective, reliable, and high quality fiber optic connectivity at the point of entry (POE) into a building. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, our range of metal fiber optic distribution boxes are built to ensure smooth fire-rated performance for maximum protection against harsh conditions. To choose the fiber distribution box, saving customers time and cost is one thing that matters most in your company. That’s why we’re offering fiber boxes at a bulk price. Email us if you have demands in metal distribution box.

  • Model:SJ-ODB-M11
  • Material: Cold-rolled Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black/ White
  • Dimension: 470X370X130mm
  • Capacity:32 Fibers
  • PLC Splitter: 1X32 PLC Splitter
  • Application: FTTH FTTB FTTX Network
  • Installation: Wall Mounting/ Pole Mounting

Something about the SJ-ODB-M11 fiber distribution box you need to know

Fiber Optical Distribution Box Wall Mountable available FC/SC/ST/LC Adapter. Fiber Optical Distribution Box is mainly used for connecting the indoor/outdoor optical cables, patch cords, and pigtails. Fiber Optical Distribution Box can be wall-mounted or pole-mounted and provides various accessories to avoid any unexpected damage to the fiber.

NameFiber Optical Distribution Box 32 Cores
Capacity32 Fibers
PLC Splitter1X32 PLC Splitter
MaterialCold-rolled Steel or Stainless Steel
ColorBlack/ White
InstallationWall Mounting/ Pole Mounting
ApplicationFTTH FTTB FTTX Network

This type of Fiber Optical Distribution Box as a distribution box, it is usually used in between wiring closets and equipment for fiber optic cable termination, use, and management.

Note: This box does not come with any adapters and pigtails. If you need them, we can install them for you with a few changes.


Suitable for ribbon and bunchy fiber cables Fiber splice trays can be installed and changed easily Small dimension and exquisite and easy for operation
Standard cell structure size, wall-mounted patch panel Capacity: 12-144 ports Suitable for SC, FC, ST Simplex & LC Duplex