SMC Outdoor Terminal Box with 2pcs 1X16 PLC Splitter Model: SJ-ODB-16PLC-SMC-2

SJ-ODB-16PLC-SMC-2 SMC outdoor terminal box with 2pcs 1X16 PLC splitter is a great lightweight solution for splitting incoming and outgoing cables. It includes splice trays and cable management for easier installation, and is made to fit a wide range of installer needs with its exposed front and rear panels. The box is easy to install, and it’s made of high-quality materials that are designed to last. It’s great for protecting your cables and wires, so you can keep them organized without worrying about them getting damaged or dirty. If you are looking for IP68 fiber distribution box at a bulk price, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick quotation.

  • Model:SJ-ODB-16PLC-SMC-2
  • Capacity: 2pcs of 1X16 PLC Splitter
  • Material: SMC (Glass fiber reinforced plastic)
  • Dimension:49X37X14CM
  • Installation: Wall-mounted/ Pole-mounted
  • Protect Grade: IP65

Something about the SJ-ODB-16PLC-SMC-2 SMC fiber distribution box you need to know

SMC Outdoor Terminal Box / Fiber Splitter Box is used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable. The fiber splicing, splitting, distribution can be done in this box, and meanwhile, Outdoor Terminal Box provides solid protection and management for the FTTx network building.

NameSMC Outdoor Terminal Box with 2pcs 1X16 PLC Splitter
Capacity2pcs of 1X16 PLC Splitter
MaterialSMC (Glass fiber reinforced plastic)
InstallationWall-mounted, Pole-mounted
Protect GradeIP65


SMC Material Outdoor Terminal Box is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. It’s lighter than the metal material box but stronger than the plastic material box and can be molded to be different beautiful shapes.
SMC, wet-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, anti-aging, protection grade is IP65.
For Indoor/Outdoor application.
Compact structure, convenient installation, and maintenance.
Installation method: Outdoor wall-mounted, pole-mounted.
It is allowed to install the blade-style optical splitter (1:4,1:8,1:16,1:32)and matched adapters.