1728 Fibers Cross Connect Cabinet, Optical Cabinet Model: SJ-OCC-SS-1728

SJ-OCC-SS-1728 1728 fibers cross connect cabinet, optical cabinet is an efficient and cost-effective way to protect your electrical system. This is a safe, effective way to deal with stray or weak wiring in the building. The advantages of fiber cross connection cabinet are first, it is an intelligent and efficient way to efficiently manage your network. Secondly, it creates a dedicated environment for maintaining network performance. Lastly, it ensures that unnecessary data packets do not enter the building. Bwnfiber has a variety of fiber cross connection cabinets at low prices that are ready for fast delivery. If you are interested in fiber cross connection cabinet, please contact us at any time and our dedicated sales team will assist you.

  • Model: SJ-OCC-SS-1728
  • Dimension: 1820X1260X640mm
  • Material: 201/304 Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1728 Fibers

Something about SJ-OCC-SS-1728 fiber cross connection cabinet you need to know

SJ-OCC-SS-1728 Stainless Steel Cross Connect Cabinet OCC is designed for the connection between the Optical fiber cable and the main points, and Cross Connect Cabinet is a kind of port device. Cross Connect Cabinet has the function of direct or indirect connection, coiling, storage, and dispatching on the fiber cable.

SJ-OCC-SS-1728 Cross Connect Cabinet is made of double-side wiredrawing stainless steel, with the protection grade reaching IP65. Those can endure climate changes and adverse environments. All front access. Modular design; Flexible configuration and quick installation; Suitable for ribbon and no ribbon optic fibers; 30 °oblique installation of adapters, preventing eyes from laser’s hurts and ensuring the fiber bending radius; Suitable for inserting installation of SC, FC, ST(additional flange) adapters; The bending radii are ensured to be more than 40mm in anyplace. Reliable fiber introduction, grounding and fixing; Swpa convenient; Suitable fiber integrated and optical fibers; A special suspension mechanism is designed to enable ground-mounted, wall-mounted, or aerial for users’ requirements.

Name1728 Fibers Cross Connect Cabinet
Capacity1728 Fibers
Material201/304 Stainless Steel

1. The fiber fixation and protection function:
Fiber inlet, fixation, and protection device should be provided. The fibers will be protected from being damaged when they are let in and fixed in the frame through these devices. The metal parts of the cables are insulated from the machine. The metal jacket of the cable & the reinforced core should be connected with the high voltage protective earthing device after being fixed;

2. The termination & connection function:
Termination device should be provided, which is used for the connection operation, construction, installation & maintenance. It could fix and protect the connector and make sure the connector even but not displaced and free from external influence, guarantee the coiled fibers and pigtails not damaged;

3. The protection of the fibers and pigtails:
The fibers are protected with the protective device after being peeled and then will be fixed and let into the fiber termination device;

4. Capacity
The capacity of each cabinet and each unit (according to the quantity of the adapters) should be regulated. The termination device, the coiling device for pigtails, adapter holders, pigtail & adapters should be compatible when fully collocated.


Environmental temperature:-25°C~+60°C
Relative humidity: <95%(When the temperature is below 40°C)
Atmospheric pressure:70~106KPa
Transportation Temperature: -40°C~+60°C
The dew-proof, the rainproof, the dustproof, and thief-proof are up to YD/T988-1998 standard.

Introduction of fiber cross-connection cabinet