Caja NAP Preconectorizada De 16 Puertos IP65 Model: SJ-FTTH-SK18-J

Caja NAP Preconectorizada De 16 Puertos IP65 serves as a termination point within the FTTx communication network system, facilitating the connection between the feeder cable and the drop cable. This Caja NAP Preconectorizada enables fiber splicing, splitting, and distribution, while also ensuring reliable protection and efficient management of the FTTx network infrastructure.

  • Model: SJ-FTTH-SK18-J
  • Size (mm): 290x210x111mm
  • Termination capacity: 16 Port (MPO or SC)
  • Splicing capacity of a tray(cores): 12, 1 slot for 1/8 PLC
  • Protection Grade:  IP65
  • Inlet Cable Number: 2 port 12mm
  • Outlet Cable Port: 16pcs of IP SC or MPO adapters
  • Installation: Pole, Wall, Aerial mounting
  • Packing List: (unit: kg): 1.6; 10PCS/CTN, 60x31x46CM
  • Color: Black

SJ-FTTH-SK18-J Caja NAP Preconectorizada De 16 Puertos IP65 with Cable Management Bracket


Our Caja NAP Preconectorizada De 16 Puertos IP65 serves as the primary connection point between the feeder cable and drop cable in FTTx communication networks. This versatile box facilitates fiber splicing, splitting, and distribution while ensuring robust protection and efficient management during FTTx network deployment.

By employing pre-connectorized NAP boxes, you can significantly reduce installation time and costs. Once the splitting process is completed, there is no need to reopen the box for subsequent user connections, allowing for seamless and hassle-free expansion of the network.


NameCaja NAP Preconectorizada De 16 Puertos IP65 with Cable Management Bracket
Inlet Cable Number2 ports with OD. 12mm
Outlet Cable Port16pcs (MPO or SC) Waterproof adapter
Splicing capacity (unit: core)96 cores
Splicing capacity per tray (unit: core)12 core per tray
PLC SplitterPLC 1:16
InstallationPole, Wall, Aerial mounting
Protection GradeIP65
Dimensions (H x W x D; unit: mm)355x215x145mm
Gross weight (unit: kg)1.6
Package size (H x W x D; unit: mm)10PCS/CTN, 60x31x46CM
G.W.:17kg, N.W.:16kg

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Simplified installation: Our pre-connectorized NAP boxes are designed to save you valuable time and money during installation. Once the split is done, there’s no need to open the box again for connecting new users.

Robust protection: With a total enclosed structure and a combination of PC+ABS material, our NAP boxes offer exceptional wet-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, and anti-aging properties. They are built to withstand the elements and provide utmost protection.

All-in-one functionality: Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple components separately. Our NAP boxes provide a one-stop solution for fiber splicing, splitting, and distribution. You can easily clamp feeder and drop cables, fixate and store fibers, and efficiently manage the entire process.

Smart design: Our NAP boxes ensure the smooth flow of cables, pigtails, and patch cords without any interference. Additionally, the distribution panel can be flipped up, enabling easy maintenance and installation. The box supports micro-type PLC splitter installation for effortless maintenance.

Versatile installation: Whether you prefer wall mounting or pole mounting, our NAP boxes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are highly adaptable and can be seamlessly integrated into various applications, including CATV networks, fiber optic communication, FTTH access networks, and more.

Grab yours today! Explore the possibilities with our Fiber Optic Distribution Box (NAP) and experience a seamless FTTx network construction.

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