Fiber Faceplate 86 2 Ports Indoor Dust-Proof SC LC Duplex Wall Plate Model: SJ-FTTH-SK-9

Fiber Faceplate 86 2 Ports (86X86) is designed in according to the industry-standard YD/T2150-2010 requirements. This faceplate, is a crucial component in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) deployments. Its versatile design allows for the installation of various types of modules, making it adaptable to diverse setups. It provides essential functions such as fiber fixation, stripping, splicing, and protection devices. Moreover, it allows for a small surplus of redundant fiber inventory, ideal for Fiber to the Desktop (FTTD) system applications.

Technical Parameters

  • Model: SJ-FTTH-SK-9
  • Dimension: 86X86X10mm
  • Max Capacity: 2 Core SC
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Installation: Fixed by screw in Wall mounted

SJ-FTTH-SK-9 Fiber Faceplate 86 2 Ports Indoor Dust-Proof SC LC Duplex Wall Plate


Fiber Optic Socket or faceplate, is a compact customer-side box, plays a crucial role in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) projects. Its versatile installation options, such as wall mounting, desk placement, or integration within multimedia cabinets, make it highly adaptable to varying customer needs. At BWNFiber, we offer an extensive range of fiber sockets, catering to different requirements—ranging from single-core to four-core configurations and supporting both SC and LC interfaces. The majority of these sockets come with an embedded frame, facilitating easy installation and disassembly. Moreover, they are equipped with a protective cover and are customizable through our OEM services.

In addition to fiber sockets, BWNFiber provides a comprehensive types of fiber optic products to meet the demands of FTTx projects and various applications. Our product offerings encompass Fiber Optic Splice Closures, Fiber Distribution Boxes, Fiber Cable Assemblies, Fiber Optic Patch Cords, Fiber PLC Splitters, Fiber Fast Connectors, FTTA Solution Products, Fiber Patch Panels, Fiber Wall Sockets, Fiber Cables, and more. We strive to deliver top-quality solutions to optimize fiber optic connectivity and enhance network performance.


NameFiber Faceplate 86 2 Ports Indoor Dust-Proof SC LC Duplex Wall Plate
InstallationFixed by screw in Wall Mount
MaterialABS + PC
Capacity2 Port for SC

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