2 Ports Fiber Faceplate Model: SJ-FTTH-SK-10

SJ-FTTH-SK-10 2 ports fiber faceplate is a simple, easy way to add a new network connection point in your home with the ability to connect cables, tie wires and organize all your cabling. It can also switch power on or off and includes a tamper-evident safety cap which prevents accidental removal of the cover while in use and features an integrated cable management system. We are pleased to invite you to visit our website. Contact us today if you are looking for quality fiber wall socket in China, we welcome all enquiries.

Technical Parameters

  • Model: SJ-FTTH-SK-10
  • Dimension: 135X90X18mm
  • Max Capacity: 2 Pieces drop cable/Pigtail
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Installation: Fixed by screw in Wall-mounted

Something about SJ-FTTH-SK-10 fiber wall socket you need to know

2 Ports Fiber Faceplate is uniform and beautiful, the material is strong and durable, the interior structure is reasonable, and it can fully meet the construction requirements of 1 in 1 out, 1 in 2 out / 4 out, 2 into 2 out / 4 out. Fiber Faceplate is adopting reinforced plastics, high strength, corrosion resistance, mature structure, reliable sealing, and convenient construction. Fiber Faceplate Optical fiber Protection box heat shrink tubing to protect fiber splice tray 2 into 2 out.

Name2 Ports Fiber Faceplate
InstallationFixed by screw in Wall Mount
MaterialABS + PC
Capacity2 Pieces drop cable/Pigtail

The new type of Fiber Faceplate is a case to put in a butterfly cable with a thermal protection tube after hot melting so that the splice spot can get better protection. Relative to the cold welding, the hot one can improve the optical performance of the connector, make the effective connection rate increased to one hundred percent, prolong the service life of the product, and lower maintenance costs.

Fiber Faceplate is used in FTTH connection, we use this Fiber Drop Repair Splice Closure to make heat Shrinkable Splice with 2pcs Drop Cable. It’s designed for either Flat Drop Cable or Round Drop Cable. This Fiber Drop Repair Splice Closure is installed indoor or outdoor, and it provides good connection and protection in FTTH Constructions.


1. FTTH / FTTX system
2. LAN WAN MAN network
3. GPON ODN network
4. Telecommunication