Fiber Faceplate with SC APC adaptor and transparent SC APC Pigtail G657A1 30M-100M Model: SJ-FTTH-MN-1-PT

Fiber faceplate with SC APC adaptor and transparent SC APC pigtail G657A1 30M-100M is a mini fiber organizer used to create a fiber connection point inside the home or office. You can enjoy high-speed internet at home, which easily expandable future proofed and easy upgradeable, wireless technology makes it possible. Fiber optic wall outlet will reduces the damage on electricity. The fiber optic cable is not easy to be burnt, and flexible. Our fiber optic wall outlet only need to connect the plug and the fiber optic cable, so you can use it as normal power cord one! If you have demands in fiber optic wall outlet (FWT) in bulk price, please contact us for more details.

Technical Parameters

  • Model: SJ-FTTH-MN-1-PT
  • Adapter: SC APC Adaptor
  • Pigtail: Transparent SC APC Pigtail G657A1 30M-100M
  • Dimension:160x160x40mm

Something about SJ-FTTH-MN-1-PT Pre-terminated fiber wall socket you need to know

Bwnfiber fiber faceplate is used for FTTH, FTTD, or FTTO termination and splicing functions mainly between pigtails and indoor FC, SC, LC fiber optic cables. Its size is relatively larger than the standard size of fiber optic socket panels which makes it quite easy to operate.
Depending on the intended use, a fiber faceplate can either be used for desktop applications or wall-mounted. Also, these devices often employ a compact plug-in design.
The installation process is simple since it can be easily fixed by normal screws. When it comes to appearance, it looks graceful and its modern design also makes it a little bit unique and compatible with a wide array of network designs.
Product NameFiber Faceplate with SC APC adaptor and transparent SC APC Pigtail G657A1 30M-100M
Capacity1 -2 Cores SC
Connector1 -2 pcs of SC Simplex
PigtailTransparent SC APC pigtail G657A1
Types of Storage fiberG657A1,G657A2,G657B3,
OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5
Cable StructureRound Drop Cable
FTTH F8 Steel
FTTH Flat Steel
Fiber Optic Outlet Dimension86X86X22mm
Fiber Optic Outlet MaterialABS + PC
Fusion Splice Sleeves40-45mm
Length (meters)10-200m
Operating temperature-40 °C to +70°C
InstallationWall Mounting
Packaging Dimensions16x16x4cm
  • The ABS material that is used to make it enhances durability since its dust and fireproof
  • The cover’s clasp design makes it easy to handle and install. It’s thin and perfectly matches with other panels that are often used together with this faceplate
  • The embedded logo position as well as its chart gives you an easy time, especially in identifying the kind of fiber faceplate that you need
  • The design makes it suitable for a wide array of multimedia fiber optic interfaces and even modules
  • It supports both SM and MM fiber optic connections
  • The wrapping post has a big diameter that provides Omni-bearing protection to minimize any unwanted interruptions that are likely to arise
  • The overall size, lightweight, and general shape makes it convenient to handle
  • The different ports within the device support different types of adapters including LC and SC