Dome Fiber Closure Box 48 Cores Model: SJ-D-1

Fiber closure box is a cabinet or box that comes with ports to enable the entry and exit of fiber optic cables either for splicing or jointing. The internal components of the box mainly comprise a grounding device, a splice tray, and a system for managing connections or terminations within the box. 

  • Model: SJ-D-1
  • Capacity: 48 Cores(2X 24F Trays)
  • Cable Ports: 1 In 3 Out, 4 Ports
  • Dimension: 33x10CM (H*D)
  • Sealing Structure: Heat Shrinkable Sealing

SJ-D-1 Dome Fiber Closure Box 48 Cores

Dome fiber closure box with 4 ports can accommodate and manage fiber optic cables with up to 4 separate ports for cable entry or exit. The dome closure protective, dome-shaped housing that helps shield the fiber optic cables and their connections from environmental factors.

Port Capacity: 4 ports, allowing for the entry and exit of fiber optic cables. Each port provides a pathway for cables to be routed into or out of the closure box.

Protection and Sealing: The dome design provides a sealed and protective environment to safeguard the fiber optic cables, splices, and connectors from moisture, dust, and other external elements.

Splicing and Connectivity: Inside the closure box, there will be facilities for splicing fiber optic cables, enabling the establishment of connections between various fiber optic cables.

Distribution and Organization: The closure box is equipped with organizers or trays to organize and manage the fibers, splices, and connections, ensuring efficient cable management.

Versatile Applications: These closure boxes can be used in various applications, including aerial installations, underground installations, or in network distribution points, depending on the specific requirements of the fiber optic network.

Capacity48 Cores2X 24F Trays
Cable Ports1 In 3 Out, 4 Ports
Dimension33x10CM (H*D)
Sealing StructureHeat Shrinkable Sealing
Diameter of Cable3 small round ports(21mm) and 1 large oval port(50mm)


The compact size and lightweight nature of the box makes it easy to handle during installation and even maintenance
The excellent sealing performance makes it great for applications that need high reliability
The advanced internal structure and protection level that goes up to IP68 makes it a great one when it comes to performance
The lock system makes it easy to open or close without having to use any special device
The versatile design, especially internally makes it usable with both ribbon and bunchy fibers
The internal space of the closure box is sufficient for both storage and wiring/termination of fibers

Multi-purpose Outdoor
Outdoor FTTP, FTTA connection
WiMAX and LTE base station
Industrial outdoor applications
3G, 4G, 5G base station
Connection between distribution box and RRH (Remote Radio Heads)

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