Fiber Snowshoe Model: MBWN-D600-25Inch-Oval-Round

MBWN-D600-25Inch-Oval-Round Fiber Snowshoe is a device used to store and protect fiber optic cables from bending, pressure, pulling, crushing or other external forces to maintain the integrity and performance of the cable.

Fiber Snowshoe helps organize and manage fiber optic cables so that they are stored in a neat and orderly fashion. It provides an efficient way to bundle and arrange fiber optic cables, reducing clutter and confusion and facilitating maintenance and repair.

  • Model: MBWN-D600-25Inch-Oval-Round
  • Channel Wide X Deep(mMm): 40x40mm
  • Out Side Wide X Long(mm): 440x640x40mm
  • Inside Round(mm): 400mm
  • Minimum Bend Diameter (mm): 20
  • Temperature : -30~+60 ° C
  • Weight(g): 1100
  • Storage Cable Length: 12M (d10mm)

MBWN-D600-25Inch-Oval-Round Fiber Snowshoe

Fiber Snowshoe allow you to store the reserve cable for an aerial fiber optic connection. The best part about them is that they’re designed to sit directly on the ADSS cable and won’t damage it. This makes installation easy. In addition to its many benefits, snowshoes can be installed easily.

One of the benefits is its capacity to store additional lengths of fiber. The Bwnfiber Fiber Snowshoe is ideal for this purpose, as it protects the bend radius of fiber optic cables. It also helps establish proper installation practices. The Bwnfiber Fiber Snowshoe is durable and cost-effective. It can handle high-fiber count cables and is designed to be flexible enough to fit into a small space.

Space utilization: The compact design of the fiber optic cable storage unit allows for efficient use of space. It allows fiber optic cables to be stored properly in limited space, reducing clutter and occupied space.

CHANNEL Wide x Deep(mm)40×40
OUT SIDE Wide x Long(mm)440x640x40
Inside Round(mm)400
Minimum Bend Diameter (mm)20
Temperature ° C-30~+60
Storage Cable Length12m


Cable can be storage alone inside chanel.

The channel is designed to tie the cable mounting on it , ice and water leaf was also be designed .

It can be hanger on steel wire. Hanging part (bolts, nuts, washers) was designed according strand clamps or cable fixed.

Cable can be easy to tie, wrap in slot of channel for securing constructed from PP material. UV material also can be use if need.

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MBWN D600 25Inch Oval Round fiber snowshoe Application