Fiber Optic Cable Slack Storage Model: MBWN-D400-18Inch-Round

The MBWN-D400-18Inch-Round fiber optic cable slack storage is a device designed to securely store and safeguard fiber optic cables, protecting them from bending, pressure, pulling, crushing, and other external forces that could compromise their integrity and performance.

  • Model: MBWN-D400-18Inch-Round
  • Channel Wide X Deep(mMm): 45x45mm
  • Out Side Wide X Long(mm): 390x418x50mm
  • Inside Round(mm): 300mm
  • Minimum Bend Diameter (mm): 20
  • Temperature : -30~+60 ° C
  • Weight(g): 400
  • Storage Cable Length: 12M (d10mm)

MBWN-D400-18Inch-Round Fiber Optic Cable Slack Storage

MBWN-D400-18Inch-Round fiber optic cable slack storage is a clamp that stores the reserve cable in an aerial fiber optic connection. These cables are insulated and UV-resistant, so Fiber Optic Cable Slack Storage can be installed right on top of the cable without damaging it. They also can be mounted on a pole or strand and can accommodate a splice on both ends. To install an aerial fiber snowshoe, you will need to contact your installer for specific instructions on how to install it.

By utilizing a fiber optic cable slack storage, the organization and management of fiber optic cables are streamlined, ensuring they are stored in a tidy and systematic manner. This reduces clutter, confusion, and simplifies the process of maintenance and repairs.

Furthermore, the compact design of the fiber optic cable slack storage maximizes space utilization. It allows for efficient storage of fiber optic cables within limited space, minimizing clutter and optimizing the use of available area.

Channel Wide X Deep(mMm)45x45mm
Out Side Wide X Long(mm)390x418x50mm
Inside Round(mm)300mm
Minimum Bend Diameter (mm)20
Temperature ° C-30~+60
Storage Cable Length12M (d10mm)


Cable can be storage alone inside chanel.

The channel is designed to tie the cable mounting on it , ice and water leaf was also be designed .

It can be hanger on steel wire. Hanging part (bolts, nuts, washers) was designed according strand clamps or cable fixed.

Cable can be easy to tie, wrap in slot of channel for securing constructed from PP material. UV material also can be use if need.

3 Models

fiber optic cable slack storage 1

For hanger

fiber optic cable slack storage For hanger 1

For pole mounting

fiber optic cable slack storage For pole mounting