Aerial Horizontal 1X8 PLC Splitter Fiber Optic Junction Box Model: MBN-FOSC-A9

MBN-FOSC-A9 aerial horizontal 1X8 PLC splitter fiber optic junction box features a window for viewing and splicing the cables from inside. It is designed to protect both the cables and the splices from harsh environment, such as rain, snow and dust. This enclosure is perfect for any application ranging from mobile use to indoor/outdoor installations. Bwnfiber has all options in fiber optic distribution box, email us quickly to get a free quote.

  • Model: MBN-FOSC-A9
  • Dimension: 30.5x20x7.5CM
  • Max Capacity: 1X8 PLC Splitter;12 Cores
  • Cable Hole: 4ports
  • Cable Diameter: Φ7.0-Φ22.0mm
  • Sealing Structure: Silicone rubber
  • Material: PC+ABS (Flame Retardant Polycarbonate)
  • Installation: Aerial, Wall Mount
  • IP Grade: 65
  • Weight: 1.70Kgs

Something about the MBN-FOSC-A9 fiber distribution box you need to know

MBN-FOSC-A9 fiber optic junction box Termination Box is designed for in-line application to provide a protected access point between the distribution cable and drop cable. This PLC splitter fiber optic junction box can keep internal components away from outdoor environmental damage. Its flexible configuration supports 2 cables in and 2 cables out. Cassette type optical splitter could be built-in. Good performance is useful in a harsh environment for fiber optic junction boxes.

NameFiber Optic Junction Box
Cable Hole4 ports
Sealing StructureSticky cincture
Max CapacitySplice:12 Cores, PLC Splitter: 1X8
Cable DiameterFor Φ7~Φ22mm
InstallationAerial, Wall mount
Protection GradeIP67


Outdoor application.
High structure material with UV resistance and good weather adaptability
It can be installed one 1:8 Blockless PLC splitter.
24cores Fusing Splice available.
2*3mm drop cable both ends in and out.
The Fiber Optic Splitter Box is spacious enough for winding and storing fibers.
The mechanical sealing and advanced internal structure keep good sealing performance after re-entry and re-using.
Easy open and close of closure with a very little tool.
Suitable for bunchy fibers
Aerial, wall-mounting
Protection Grade: IP 65
It’s especially applicable to FTTH optical fiber distribution.
Separate area for distribution cable and drop cable, easy for expansion, and service provisioning.