Fiber Optic Splice Closure Joint Enclosure 48 Cores Model: MBN-FOSC-A10

MBN-FOSC-A10 fiber optic splice closure joint enclosure 48 cores is made of flame retardant materials, and it can be used to protect and splice the fiber cables. It has good protection for indoor & outdoor use. it’s a necessary part of the optical network project. If you are looking for fiber optic splice enclosure for your network project, please feel free to contact us for a quick quote.

  • Model: MBN-FOSC-A10
  • Dimension: 30x20x8cm
  • Max Capacity: 48 Cores (4 X 12 splice tray), 8 ports SC
  • Cable Hole: 6 ports
  • Cable Diameter: Φ7.0-Φ22.0mm
  • Sealing Structure: Silicone rubber
  • Material: PC
  • Installation: Aerial, Wall Mount
  • IP Grade: 65
  • Weight: 1.70Kgs

Something about MBN-FOSC-A10 splice closure you need to know

MBN-FOSC-A10 Horizontal (inline) Joint Enclosure is made of high-quality engineering plastics. Joint Enclosure is applied in the junction and protects the fiber. Joint Enclosure can be suitable for protecting optical fiber splices in straight-through and branching applications. It can be used in aerial, duct, and direct buried fiber optic cable projects.

NameFiber Optic Joint Enclosure
Cable Hole3 In 3 Out, 6 ports
Sealing StructureSticky cincture
Max CapacitySplice:48 Cores, Adapter: 8 port SC
Cable DiameterFor Φ7~Φ22mm
InstallationAerial, Wall mount
Protection GradeIP67


  • Easy to operate, convenient, reliable mechanical sealing performance.
  • Excellent resisting aging performance, strong weather resistance.
  • High airproof, dampproof and resisting, lightning strike performance.
  • Using the rotating method to connect fiber organizer cassette results in easy installation.
  • High reliability can be directly buried or overhead installation.