Huawei Mini MPO/MPT Adapter IP68 FTTA Outdoor Hardened Adapter Model: BWN-MINI-MPO

Huawei’s fastconnect system may be effortlessly integrated with the IP68-rated FTTA Outdoor Hardened Adapter, known as the BWN-MINI-MPO Mini MPO/MPT Adapter. This adaptor streamlines FTTx installations and provides fast and effective connectivity for both home and business uses. It offers mechanical protection, environmental sealing, and blind-mating capabilities to provide safe and dependable connections. It is fully compatible with Huawei MINI SC connectors.

  • Model: BWN-MINI-MPOC
  • Connector: MPO
  • Insertion Loss: less than 0.3dB
  • Return Loss: PC >50dB, APC>60dB
  • Durability (500 matings):  less than 0.2dB
  • Flammability Rate: UL94-V0
  • Dimension: 24.8×24.8×51.6mm
  • IP Grade: IP68

BWN-MINI-MPO Huawei Mini MPO/MPT Adapter IP68 FTTA Outdoor Hardened Adapter


The FTTx (Fiber-To-The-X) installation and termination process is revolutionized with the MPO Hardened Adapter, a compatible solution for Huawei’s fastconnect system. This Mini MPO/MPT hardened adapter makes it simple to link households and businesses seamlessly using the hardware already in place and the installation techniques already in place.

With the HUAWEI Fastconnect system, the Hardened Adapter is designed to function perfectly and provides a user-friendly experience. It ensures a safe and dependable connection by offering mechanical protection and environmental sealing for simplex SC style connections. When combined with the Huawei Mini SC receptacle, its foolproof design ensures blind-mating capabilities, streamlining the installation procedure and ensuring a speedy and effective setup.

Discover the performance and ease of use of the Huawei Mini MPO/MPT Adapter IP68 FTTA Outdoor Hardened Adapter, designed to effortlessly fulfill your FTTx requirements within the HUAWEI Fastconnect system. When connecting in a single SC style, this adapter offers dependable.


NameHuawei Mini MPO/MPT Adapter IP68 FTTA Outdoor Hardened Adapter
Fiber CountsSimplex
Insertion LossLess than 0.2dB
Return LossPC >50dB, APC>60dB
Durability (500 matings)Less than 0.2dB
Flammability RateUL94-V0
IP GradeIP68

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The IP68 FTTA outside Hardened Adapter BWN-MINI-MPO Mini MPO/MPT Adapter is built for a variety of uses in harsh outside conditions. Fiber optic communications, FTTx wiring projects, Huawei waterproof fiber equipment with SC ports, and connecting outdoor communication equipment are all excellent uses for it. This adapter guarantees dependable and secure communications in challenging outdoor circumstances thanks to its robust design and IP68 rating. With this adapter, you may enjoy flawless connectivity and outstanding performance in your outdoor communication installations.