Fiber Optic Joint Closure 6 Ports Up To 96 Cores Model: GJS-ST24

GJS-ST24 Horizontal type Fiber Optic Joint Closure with 3 inlets/outlets Up to 96 Cores. In-line (Horizontal) Fiber Optic Joint Closure are designed to provide space and protection for the fiber optic cable splices. In-line (Horizontal) Fiber optic Joint closure with the perfect and reliable sealed design which provides excellent protection grade, while protecting splices during pulling, compressing, and impacting, bending, tension, axial tension.

  • Model: GJS-ST24
  • Dimension: 440X220X11mm
  • Max Capacity: 96 Cores (4 X 24 splice tray)
  • Cable Hole: 3 In 3 Out, 6 Ports
  • Cable Diameter: Φ7.0-Φ30.0mm
  • Sealing Structure: Sticky cincture
  • Material: PC, PP, ABS
  • Installation: Aerial, Duct, and Direct buried
  • IP Grade: 68

Something about GJS-ST24 Fiber Optic Joint Splice Closure you need to know

Horizontal (Inline) Fiber Optic Splice Closures are used for the protective connection of two or multiple optical cables and optic fiber distribution. It is one of the commonly used equipments of the user access point. It is used for the outdoor connection between optical distribution cable and optical in room cable. Available for aerial, duct, direct buried application.

NameFiber Optic Splice Closure
Cable Hole3 In 3 Out, 6 ports
Sealing StructureSticky cincture
MaterialPC, PP
Max Capacity96 Cores, 4 x 24F Tray
Cable DiameterFor Φ7~Φ30mm
InstallationAerial, Pipeline, Direct-bury, Wall mount
Protection GradeIP67


1.Horizontal / Inline type, 3 in 3 out, a total of 6 ports, suitable for 7~30mm cable.

2.Max capacity up to 96cores, with 4 X 24F trays.

3. GJS-ST24 Fiber Optic Splice Closure main body uses the mechanical seal, which is suitable for the Aerial and Pipeline installation.

4. The closure body is designed with buckles around it, which can be opened and used repeatedly without screws, simple in structure and easy in operation.

5. Endure harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, tensile cable distortion, and strong temperature changes.

6.High-strength engineering plastic shell.

7.It does not require special tools, easy to install, and open the duplicate.


CATV networks
Optical fiber communication
Fiber optic network convergence
Optical fiber access network
Widely used in FTTH access network
Telecommunication networks
Data communications networks
Local area networks
Aerial, Direct buried, underground, pipeline, hand-holes, duct mounting, wall mounting.