Dome Fiber Optic Junction Boxes Model: GJS-25

GJS-25 Dome fiber optic junction boxes from China is made of strength PC, IP68 protection grade, suitable for arrangment and protection of optical fiber splices, fiber cable and connetor. Mbwinners dome type wall mount enclosures has excellent corrosion resistance feature and weatherproof feature, can service in FTTx project for a long time up to 30 years, free sample and flexible payment items avaliable.

  • Model: GJS-25
  • Dimension: 48x13CM (H*D)
  • Capacity: 144 Cores(6X 24F Trays)
  • Cable Ports: 1 In 4 Out, 5 Ports
  • Cable Diameter: Φ8.0-Φ31.0mm
  • Material: Strengthen PC
  • Sealing Structure: Heat Shrinkable Sealing
  • Weight: 3.6KGS
  • Installation: Aerial, Direct-Burying, Wall-Mounting, Pipeline Laying Way
  • Protection Grade: IP68

Something about the GJS-25 splice closure you need to know

GJS-25 Heat Shrinkable Sealing Dome Fiber Optic Junction Boxes provides space and protection for the fiber optic cable splicing and joint. Heat Shrink Fiber Optic Junction Boxes belongs to the accommodation of the optical fiber fusion splice section system. Fiber Optic Junction Boxes is widely applied to the connection of the fiber play the roles in sealing, protection, installation of fiber connector head, and storage.

Name144 Cores Dome Heat Shrinkable Fiber Optic Junction Boxes 1 In 4 Out
Dimension48x13CM (H*D)
Max Capacity144 Cores (6X 24 F trays)
Cable Ports1 In 4 Out, 5 Ports
Cable DiameterΦ7~Φ31mm
Sealing StructureHeat Shrinkable Sealing
MaterialStrengthen PC
InstallationAerial, Direct-Burying, Wall-Mounting, Pipeline Laying Way
Protection GradeIP68


1. Single-ended thermoplastic closure
2. Fabricated by mixing the imported material and other chemical assistant agents (aging resistance & ultraviolet radiation resistance), an increase of service life
3. Base-to-dome seals on GJS-25 are heat Shrinkable Sealing for ease of installation and re-entry. No other sealing adhesive tape is needed.
4. Base and dome sealed with clamp and O-ring system
5. The splice trays are hinged for access to any splice without disturbing others trays
6. The inner parts and fixing parts are made of stainless steel
7. GJS-25 with an earthing device protect it from damage by lightning
8. Compatible with most cable types (single fiber or ribbon), and cable constructions (loose tube, central core, slotted core, modular). And the product can be used in any environment (aerial, buried, handhole, manhole) and in many applications (tap-off, expressed, branch, and repair)
9. No special tools are needed to open the closure, and it can be opened and used repeatedly.


CATV networks
Optical fiber communication
Fiber optic network convergence
Optical fiber access network
Widely used in FTTH access network
Telecommunication networks
Data communications networks
Local area networks
Aerial, Direct buried, underground, pipeline, hand-holes, duct mounting, wall mounting.