Fiber Cleaver with Stainless Steel Pressure Pad

MBN-PFC-17 Fiber Cleaver can handle coatings ranging from 125μm to 900 μm and bare fiber diameters of 125 μm for silica optical fibers. For single fibers, it produces cleaving angles between 0.5° and 0.8°, and for 0.25mm, it provides cleave lengths from 9 to 16mm for fibers coated at 0.25mm and 10 to 16mm for 0.9mm coatings.

  • Model: MBN-PFC-1
  • Name: Fiber Cleaver with Stainless Steel Pressure Pad
  • Applicable Fiber: Conventional silica glass optical fiber
  • Coated Diameter of Suitable Fiber: Ø0.25 & 0.9μm
  • Clad Diameter of Suitable Fiber: 125um
  • Cut Fiber Length: 9-16mm(Ø 0.25) 10-16mm(Ø 0.9)
  • Fiber Count: Single fiber (0.25&0.9mm) up to 12-fiber ribbon
  • Cutting Angle Adaptive Value: ≤ 0.8°
  • Cutter Life Span: 16X3X1000=48000 times
  • Cutter Spsecification: Inner bore Ø 4mm, external diameter Ø 22mm

Fiber Cleaver with Stainless Steel Pressure Pad (MBN-PFC-17)


MBN-PFC-17 Fiber Cleaver is a necessary component of fiber optic networking that makes splicing easier by creating clean cuts, which are important for both fusion and mechanical splicing techniques. It guarantees the integrity of the optical signal by reducing imperfections.


Model No.MBN-PFC-17
NameFiber Cleaver with Stainless Steel Pressure Pad
Fiber CountSingle fiber (0.25&0.9mm) up to 12-fiber ribbon
Cladding Diameter125 μm
Cleave Length9~16mm (φ0.25 mm) / 10~16mm (φ0.9 mm)
Cleave angle (typ.)0.5 degrees (Max.≤0.7°)
Off-cut collectorPre-fitted
Blade rotationmanual
Blade life48,000 cleave blade life for single fiber cleaves, or 4,000 12-fiber ribbon cleaves
Dimensions (W x D x H)97(W) x 66(D)x 52(H) mm
ColorOrange Black Grey Blue Green Purple
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MBN-PFC-17 Fiber Cleaver (Orange)
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MBN-PFC-17 Fiber Cleaver (Black) 
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MBN-PFC-17 Fiber Cleaver (Grey) 
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MBN-PFC-17 Fiber Cleaver (Blue) 
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MBN-PFC-17 Fiber Cleaver (Green) 
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MBN-PFC-17 Fiber Cleaver (Purple) 
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