FTTH C Type Hook Cable Clamp Model: FACH-BW-05

FACH-BW-05 FTTH C type hook cable clamps are an essential tool for cable management. They can be used in any office environment where cables may come in contact with each other, allowing them to reach their destination without restricting movement. Hooks can help organize cumbersome and messy cables, making them easy to store and handle, making it easier for employees to move about the office and work more efficiently. If you are looking for hook cable clamp, please don’t hesitate to contact us. we can help you to solve all your problems.

  • Model:FACH-BW-05
  • Material: Steel with Zinc Plating
  • Installation: Wall-mounted

FACH-BW-05 FTTH C Type Hook Cable Clamp

FACH-BW-05 FTTH C Type Hook is wall mounted cable wire hardware, used to tension or suspension drop cable wire clamp, FTTH anchor clamp, widely used for outdoor FTTH solutions.

FACH-BW-05 FTTH C Type Hook is easy to install on a wall and requires no preparation of optical cable clamp before attaching. FTTH C Type Hook has the principle of a rounded route for fixing the cable accessory, this helps to secure it as tightly as possible.

NameFTTH C Type Hook Cable Clamp
MaterialSteel with Zinc Plating

Why We Recommend FACH-BW-05 FTTH C Type Hook Cable Clamp

  • Made of steel with zinc plating.
  • C Type Drop Cable Wire Clamp Draw Hook, easy to fix cable wire clamp, time & labor cost saving.
  • Used to manage FTTH drop cable wires.
  • Wall-mounted.
  • Good resistance to corrosion.