FTTH Anchor Clamp S-type For Drop Cable Model: FACH-BW-03-B

FACH-BW-03-B FTTH anchor clamp S-type for drop cable is designed to hold fiber patch cables. It’s an ideal solution for applications that require a high-quality cable clamping system. Bwnfiber is glad to introduce to you our range of FTTX anchor clamps for cable termination. Our products have been tested and proved to be up to international standards. You can count on us for the most reliable quality products. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick free quotation.

  • Model: FACH-BW-03-B
  • Ring Fitting Material: Stainless Steel
  • Base Material: ABS

FACH-BW-03-B FTTH Anchor Clamp S-type For Drop Cable

FTTH Anchor Clamp S-type is also called insulated/plastic drop wire clamp. FTTH Anchor Clamp S-type is a kind of drop cable clamps, which is widely used for securing drop wire on various house attachments.

NameFTTH Anchor Clamp S-type For Drop Cable
Ring Fitting MaterialGalvanized Bail
Base MaterialABS
Size180x27x22 mm
Weight52 g

The prominent advantage of an insulated drop wire clamp is that it can prevent electrical surges from reaching the customer premises. The working load on the support wire is effectively reduced by the insulated drop wire clamp. It’s characterized by good corrosion resistant performance, good insulating property, and long life service.

Why We Recommend FACH-BW-03-B FTTH Anchor Clamp S-type For Drop Cable

  • Good insulating property
  • The beveled end on its body protect cables from abrasion
  • High-strength
  • Anti-aging
  • Available in various shapes and colors