Customizable Singe Multi-Mode 100M-2KM OTDR Launch Cable

BWN-OTDR-LC3 OTDR Launch Cables are tiny, lightweight, and easy to transport. They resemble fiber optic patch cords in that they don’t have center fiber splices and are typically housed in a box-like construction. OTDR Launch Cables are mostly employed in the fiber testing procedure to make up for the OTDR test blind zones.

  • Model: BWN-OTDR-LC3
  • Name: Customizable Singe Multi-Mode 100M-2KM OTDR Launch Cable
  • Dimensions: 216×180 x 103mm
  • Material: PP Alloy
  • Fiber Length (m): 100 up to 1200
  • Polish: PC,UPC,APC
  • Connector: LC/SC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Connector
  • Fiber Type: SM(G652D,G657A1/G657A2); MM(OM1,OM2,0M3,OM4)
  • Return Loss: UPC>=50dB,APC>=60dB,PC>=35dB
  • Repeatability(dB): <=0.2(1000 times)
  • Exchangeability(dB): <=0.2

Customizable Singe Multi-Mode 100M-2KM OTDR Launch Cable


BWN-OTDR-LC3 Similar to an optical fiber jumper, OTDR Launch Cable is housed in a small, lightweight, and portable box and has no splices. Addressing the blind zones of OTDR during fiber optic tests is crucial. Its functioning depends on creating a bridge between the test line and the OTDR to guarantee that blind zones only impact the extension cable and not the tested link.


Product NameCustomizable Singe Multi-Mode 100M-2KM OTDR Launch Cable
Dimensions216×180 x 103mm
MaterialPP Alloy
Fiber Length (m)100 up to 1500
Fiber TypeSM(G652D,G657A1/G657A2); MM(OM1,OM2,0M3,OM4)
Connector TypeSC/LC/FC/ST

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What is the underlying basis of OTDR Launch Cable operation?

We are aware that the primary causes of the OTDR’s blind zones, which often reach hundreds of meters forward from the device as the starting point, are significant light reflection and pulse width. In order to ensure that the OTDR’s blind zone is only reflected on the OTDR Launch Cable and does not materially damage the tested connection, the OTDR Launch Cable is typically employed between the OTDR and the line under test.

Why is an OTDR Launch Cable frequently required when using an OTDR for fiber optic testing?

An indispensable instrument for backscatter technology analysis of fiber performance is the optical time-domain reflectometer. It can identify defects, splices, and connectors in fiber networks and measure fiber loss. However, if the “blind zone” in OTDRs is not well handled, it may have an impact on test accuracy. Reducing the blind zone’s influence is a typical practice when using an OTDR Launch Cable.

OTDR Launch Cable come in a variety of forms, but the box-type design is the most widely used because of its portability and robustness. There are two connectors on the cable: one for the test line and one for the OTDR. The attenuation of the fiber link can be evaluated using the OTDR once it has been precisely attached.

Important Reminders for OTDR Launch Cable Use:

  1. The length of the OTDR Launch Cable is crucial for ensuring the accuracy of the test findings. Generally speaking, a longer test extension cable is preferable. To save expenses, the OTDR Launch Cable must to be sufficiently extended to encompass the complete blind area of the OTDR.

2. with OTDR Launch Cable, there are various connector types, much like with fiber jumpers. It’s critical to choose the right cable based on the interface of the OTDR and the kind of line being tested.

When it comes to fiber testing, OTDRs and their extension cables are essential instruments. BWNFiber, a reputable supplier of fiber solutions, provides a range of OTDRs and test extension cables in various lengths and connection configurations.

Package of Fiber Optic Testing Equipment and Fiber Tools

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