Customizable Singe Multi-Mode 100M-2KM Fiber Launch Cable

BWN-OTDR-LC2 Fiber Launch Cable used for fiber optic network testing, referred to as a launch fiber or launch cord. Establishing a known-good optical link between the testing apparatus and the fiber optic network being tested is its main purpose. This is particularly crucial for doing tests with optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs).

  • Model: BWN-OTDR-LC2
  • Name: Customizable Singe Multi-Mode 100M-2KM Fiber Launch Cable
  • Dimensions: 216×180 x 103mm
  • Material: PP Alloy
  • Fiber Length (m): 100 up to 1200
  • Polish: PC,UPC,APC
  • Connector: LC/SC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Connector
  • Fiber Type: SM(G652D,G657A1/G657A2); MM(OM1,OM2,0M3,OM4)
  • Return Loss: UPC>=50dB,APC>=60dB,PC>=35dB
  • Repeatability(dB): <=0.2(1000 times)
  • Exchangeability(dB): <=0.2

Customizable Singe Multi-Mode 100M-2KM Fiber Launch Cable


BWN-OTDR-LC2 Fiber Launch Cable is used to measure the near-end connection’s reflectivity and loss as well as to make sure the optical fiber line’s remote insertion is free of corruption. In order to eliminate blind areas when measuring the optical fiber’s total line loss using an OTDR, each OTDR launch cable has two functions: sending and receiving.


Product NameCustomizable Singe Multi-Mode 100M-2KM Fiber Launch Cable
Dimensions216×180 x 103mm
MaterialPP Alloy
Fiber Length (m)100 up to 1500
Fiber TypeSM(G652D,G657A1/G657A2); MM(OM1,OM2,0M3,OM4)
Connector TypeSC/LC/FC/ST

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Customizable Singe Multi-Mode 100M-2KM Fiber Launch Cable

Purpose and Use
Network Testing: They are primarily used as “launch cables” or “launch fibers” for testing the insertion loss and return loss of fiber optic links in a network.
Calibration: They help in calibrating optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs), which are devices used to detect faults, measure loss, and identify the reflection characteristics of fiber optic cables.

Characteristics and Features
Singlemode Fiber: Singlemode fibers are designed to carry light directly down the fiber, allowing for a higher transmission rate and longer distance coverage compared to multimode fibers. They are optimal for long-distance communication.
Customizable Length: The length of these cables can be customized from 150 meters to 1 kilometer, depending on the requirements of the network being tested. The length affects how the OTDR measurements are conducted and interpreted.
Connectors: These cables come with various types of connectors (e.g., LC, SC, ST, FC) to ensure compatibility with different equipment and network configurations.

High Precision: They are manufactured to have low insertion loss and high return loss, which is crucial for accurate measurement and testing of fiber optic networks.

Telecommunications: Used by telecom operators to ensure the integrity of their fiber optic infrastructure.
Data Centers: Essential for testing the fiber optic links that connect servers and storage units.
Research and Development: Used in R&D facilities for developing new optical technologies.
Quality Control: Employed during the manufacturing process of fiber optic cables and components to ensure quality and performance standards are met.

Accuracy: Enhances the accuracy of OTDR testing by providing a known, consistent launch condition.
Flexibility: The customizable length allows technicians to select the optimal cable for specific testing scenarios, making it versatile for various network layouts and distances.
Efficiency: Facilitates quicker and more efficient network testing and troubleshooting, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

In conclusion, Customizable Singe Multi-Mode 100M-2KM Fiber Launch Cables  are essential tools for the maintenance, testing, and development of fiber optic networks. Their customization options, coupled with the inherent advantages of singlemode fiber, make them a valuable asset for ensuring the reliability and performance of optical communication systems.

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