Customizable 150M-1KM Singlemode Fiber Optic Launch Cable

BWN-OTDR-LC1  Fiber optic launch cables are essential for testing, maintaining, and developing fiber optic networks due to their singlemode capabilities and adjustable lengths ranging from 150 meters to 1 kilometer.

  • Model: BWN-OTDR-LC1
  • Name: Customizable 150M-1KM Singlemode Fiber Optic Launch Cable
  • Dimensions: 216×180 x 103mm
  • Material: PP Alloy
  • Fiber Length (m): 100 up to 1500
  • Polish: PC,UPC,APC
  • Connector: LC/SC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Connector
  • Fiber Type: 9/125 Single mode, G652D,G657A,OM1,OM3,OM4
  • Return Loss: UPC>=50dB,APC>=60dB,PC>=35dB
  • Repeatability(dB): <=0.2(1000 times)
  • Exchangeability(dB): <=0.2

Customizable 150M-1KM Singlemode Fiber Optic Launch Cable


BWN-OTDR-LC1  Fiber optic launch cables used to test fiber optic networks, measure insertion and return loss, and calibrate optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs). Fiber launch boxes are made to function with both singlemode and multimode fibers, providing long-range coverage and high transmission speeds. Their lengths can be adjusted to suit network needs, ranging from 150 meters to 1 kilometer.


Product NameCustomizable 150M-1KM Singlemode Fiber Optic Launch Cable
Dimensions216×180 x 103mm
MaterialPP Alloy
Fiber Length (m)100 up to 1500
Fiber Type9/125 Single mode, G652D,G657A,OM1,OM3,OM4
Connector TypeSC/LC/FC/ST

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Package of Fiber Optic Testing Equipment and Fiber Tools

Fiber optic launch cables using fiber optic technology are specialist tools used to assess fiber optic networks.

Network diagnostics: An essential part of network analysis, these tools measure the insertion and return losses in fiber optic networks.

Support for Calibration: Assist with the calibration of optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs), which are essential tools for determining the presence of cable flaws, measuring loss, and comprehending fiber reflections.

Singlemode Advantage: Having singlemode fibers, these cables are excellent at sending light, which allows for higher data speeds and a wider range of coverage than multimode fibers. This makes them perfect for large-scale network communication.

Flexible Length: Available in lengths from 150 meters to one kilometer to accommodate various network testing requirements, which may have an impact on OTDR assessment procedures.

Versatile Connectivity: With a range of connections to suit different network equipment interfaces, including LC, SC, ST, and FC.
For accurate network evaluations, precision engineering is designed to maximize return loss and decrease insertion loss.

Telecom Reliability: Essential for telecom organizations to confirm the integrity of the fiber optic infrastructure.
Data processing and storage facilities are linked through data center operations, which are essential.

Innovation and Quality Assurance: Promotes the creation of cutting-edge optical technologies and guarantees the highest level of production quality in fiber components.
Improved Efficiency

Measurement Precision: By supplying steady launch conditions, this increases the accuracy of OTDR tests.
Flexibility for customized testing is provided by the adjustable cable length, which is appropriate for a range of network setups and distances.

Operational Efficiency: Reduces maintenance costs and operational disruptions by streamlining network inspection and fault diagnosis.

Package of Fiber Optic Testing Equipment and Fiber Tools

Bwnfiber has our own standard package for our fiber optic testing device and tools, if you don’t have special package requirements, we will package the fiber optic product as below. For customized package, we also support this service, please contact us quickly before shipment, so that we can arrange the customized package in advance.

Package of Fiber Optic Testing Equipment and Fiber Tools