Corning OptiTap SC Hardened Adapter Model: BWN-OptiTap-SC

BWN-OptiTap-SC Corning OptiTap SC Hardened Adapter combines the robust H connector OptiTap on one end with an SC connector on the other. This ingenious design offers a substantial reduction in installation and network expansion time and cost, making it an essential component of pre-connectorized solutions.

This Corning Optitap Adapter provides the most cost-effective means of deploying optical fiber in outside plant distribution networks at significantly faster speeds compared to traditional field installations.

  • Model: BWN-OptiTap-SC
  • Fiber Counts: Simplex
  • Insertion Loss: less than 0.2dB
  • Return Loss: PC >50dB, APC>60dB
  • Durability (500 matings):  less than 0.2dB
  • Flammability Rate: UL94-V0
  • Working Temperature:-25~70°C
  • IP Grade: IP68

BWN-OptiTap-SC Corning OptiTap SC Hardened Adapter


Corning OptiTap SC Hardened Adapter is purpose-built to connect seamlessly with a standard SC connector within the adapter. It’s versatile, as the Corning OptiTap SC Hardened Adapter can be plugged into any standard SC adapter to establish a low-loss optical connection. This adapter is constructed based on the standard SC single-mode ferrule and spring assembly, all packed into a compact and rugged housing.

The design of the Corning OptiTap Adapter incorporates a dual-locking mechanism, featuring a push-pull detent engagement and a twist-lock secure retention. The optitap scapc adapter is also equipped with a keying feature, ensuring it can only be fully seated in the adapter in one orientation, thereby guaranteeing the proper alignment and mating of 8-degree APC ferrules.


NameCorning OptiTap SC Hardened Adapter
CompatibilityCorning OptiTap H connector to SC connector
Fiber CountsSimplex
Insertion LossLess than 0.2dB
Return LossPC >50dB, APC>60dB
Durability (500 matings)Less than 0.2dB
Flammability RateUL94-V0
IP GradeIP68

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Proven Design: Offers a robust adapter for outdoor plant deployments.
Single Fiber Hybrid Adapter: Links OptiTap Connector to SC Connector.
Environmentally Sealed Housing: Permits external bulkhead flush-mounting on terminals or closures, meeting the highest environmental standards.
Standards Compliance: Fully adheres to industry standards, ensuring network reliability and durability.
Low Insertion Loss: Single-fiber hybrid adapter with typically less than 0.20dB insertion loss.
H Connector : Corning OptiTap H connector to SC connector.
Telcordia GR-3120 Compliant: Adapters designed to meet Telcordia GR-3120 requirements.
Robust Environmental Protection: IP67-rated for salt-mist proof, humidity proof, and dust-proof performance.
Installation Flexibility: Allows the use of traditional field installation techniques for aerial, underground, and duct applications.
Reduced Installation Time: Can cut installation time by up to 50 percent per network access point.


Fiber optic communications in challenging outdoor environments.
Connection of outdoor communication equipment.
Use in waterproof fiber equipment.
Ideal for remote wireless base stations.
Well-suited for FTTx ISP projects.