144 Fibers 4U Fiber Optic ODF Model: BWN-ODF-144-C

BWN-ODF-144-C 144 Fibers 4U fiber optic ODF is used to connect different fiber optic connectors on the equipment, with a high secure performance and high quality management. A data center with a reliable network infrastructure has been recognized as the determinant of success in today’s business climate. The Fiber Optic Patch Panel is suitable for multimedia applications because its high speed serialized channel offers increased bandwidth capabilities that ensure an uninterrupted flow of data. This prevents interruptions in service due to erroneous connection or bad faults. Email us if you have demands in fiber patch panel.

  • Model: BWN-ODF-144-C
  • Material: Cold-rolled Steel
  • Capacity: 144 Fibers SC/UPC Duplex
  • Splice Tray: 12 pcs
  • Adapter: LC,SC,FC,ST
  • Color: Ral7035
  • Dimension(LxWxH): 480x340x178mm

Something about BWN-ODF-144-C fiber optic patch panel you need to know

The Fiber Optic ODF is a compact Optical Distribution Frame which combines both, the splicing- and patching segment in the same 3 height unit 19” Sub-Rack.

This Fiber Optic ODF is targeted towards de-central fiber distribution hubs like PoP´s (Point of Presence) or other small distribution locations within FTTH networks.

The high density of 144 ports (both SC or LC) makes the Fiber Optic ODF the ideal distribution component in mixed 19” rack configurations, where active and passive components are mounted in the same rack.

The Fiber Optic ODF is pre-assembled with couplings and pigtails and splice cassettes and has an integrated fiber guiding system.


• 19” Compact design
• High port density
• Combined splice and patch area
• Integrated patchcord guiding system
• Modular splice cassette organizer
• Splitter modules available
• Integrated fiber guiding tubes
• SC simplex or LC duplex connectivity
• Cable entry kit included
• Pigtails, couplings and cassettes already installed
• Single Circuit Management (SCM) possible
• Safes rack space
• For integrated solutions with active components in the same rack
• Easier patchcord management
• Flexible for re-arrangements
• One ODF fits all FTTH applications
• Reduced risk for fiber damage and easier installation
• Meets FTTH standards
• Ready for all cable configurations
• Safes installation time
• Flexible for customer requirements

Name144 Fibers 4U Fiber Optic ODF
Capacity144 Fibers SC/UPC Duplex
Modular12 pcs
Splice Tray12 pcs
Input Diameter≤ 25mm
MaterialCold-rolled Steel
Weight11.20 KGS