Optical Termination Point Wall mounted 8Ports SC 1X8 Splitter Indoor MDU Model: BWN-FTTB-8A

Optical Termination Point (OTP) application can be mounted on walls or utilized as a floor or central fiber distribution box in various settings, such as apartment buildings, MDUs, or single-family houses

  • Model: BWN-FTTB-8A
  • Dimension (mm): 152 × 106 × 60
  • Number of Input Port:  1×ᴓ12 mm
  • Number of Output Ports:  8× 2 x 3mm or ᴓ5 mm
  • Capacity(Max):  8 Ports SC
  • Splitter:  1×8 PLC Splitter
  • Material:  PC / ABS
  • Color: White PANTONE 428C (Customizable)
  • Fire resistance / Flammability:  UL94 VO
  • Installation: Wall-mounted
  • Ingress Protection: IP54
  • Packing List: (unit: kg): 40PCS/CTN, : 47x34x36CM G.W.:12KG

BWN-FTTB-8A Optical Termination Point Wall mounted 8Ports SC 1X8 Splitter Indoor MDU


BWN-FTTB-8A Optical Termination Point (OTP) Wall mounted 8Ports SC 1X8 Splitter Indoor MDU accommodates a wide range of cable applications, including riser cables, buffered tubes, microtubes, and ribbon cables. Specifically engineered for GPON networks, it comes with a pre-installed splitter. The OTP’s distinctive compact design and availability of factory connectorized options significantly reduce assembly time and installation costs by up to 50%. This optical terminal box serves as an efficient and compact floor distribution box, making it ideal for the seamless deployment of Fiber to the Home and Hub (FTHH) networks within buildings.


NameOptical Termination Point Wall mounted 8Ports SC 1X8 Splitter Indoor MDU
Dimensions (H x W x D; unit: mm)152 × 106 × 60 mm
Capacity:8 Ports SC Adapter
Fusion Capacity(Max)8 Cores
Splitter:1 PCS 1×8 PLC
Cable diameter (mm)Number of Input Port: 1×ᴓ12 mm
Number of Output Ports: 8× 2 x 3mm or ᴓ5 mm
Protection GradeIP54
ColorPANTONE 428C Customizable
MaterialPC / ABS
Fire resistance / FlammabilityUL94 VO
Package size (H x W x D; unit: CM)40PCS/CTN, 47x34x36CM
G.W.: 12KG

BWN-FTTB-8A Optical Termination Point Wall mounted Product Views

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BWN-FTTB-8A Optical Termination Point Wall mounted Product Views

Load with 4 Pcs SC/APC & Pigtail 4 Pcs 2.0mm 1m
Load with 4 Pcs LC/APC DX & Pigtail 4 Pcs 2.0mm 1m
Load with 1:8 Splitter Input no con, Output each 4 port SC/APC, LC/APC)

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Different cable applications supported by the Optical Termination Point

The Optical Termination Point (OTP) supports various cable applications, enabling flexibility and compatibility in different network setups. Here’s an explanation of the supported cable applications:

Riser Cables:
Riser cables are designed for vertical spaces within buildings, such as conduits or shafts between floors. The OTP can work with these cables, ensuring efficient vertical connectivity in a building’s network infrastructure.

Buffered Tubes:
Buffered tubes are protective tubes that encase optical fibers. The OTP can accommodate and work effectively with these tubes, providing a secure environment for the optical fibers and maintaining data transmission integrity.

Microtubes are smaller, flexible tubes used for housing optical fibers. The OTP is compatible with microtubes, allowing for easy installation and organization of microfiber cables within the network.

Ribbon Cables:
Ribbon cables are flat, multi-fiber cables where several fibers are aligned in a single row or ribbon. The OTP supports these ribbon cables, facilitating efficient management and connection of multiple fibers within the network.

By supporting these various cable applications, the OTP provides versatility and adaptability in the deployment of fiber-optic networks, catering to the specific needs and configurations of different environments like apartment buildings, MDUs, single-family houses, and more.