Fibre Termination Point Wall Mount 12 Ports SC Pigtail 1X8 Splitter Model: BWN-FTTB-12A

BWN-FTTB-12A, capable of accommodating up to 12 SC adapters and pigtails. This Fiber Termination Point is equipped with a securely fastened hinged adapter tray. The tray facilitates seamless fiber splicing, efficient storage, and convenient installation of optical splitters, making it an ideal choice for Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) setups.

  • Model: BWN-FTTB-12A
  • Dimension (mm): 181 × 146 × 68
  • Number of Input Port:  4×ᴓ14 mm
  • Number of Output Ports:  12× 2 x 3mm or ᴓ5 mm
  • Capacity(Max):  12 Ports SC adapters with Pigtails
  • Splitter:  1×8 PLC Splitter
  • Material:  PC / ABS
  • Color: White PANTONE 428C (Customizable)
  • Fire resistance / Flammability:  UL94 VO
  • Installation: Wall-mounted
  • Ingress Protection: IP54
  • Packing List: (unit: kg): 20PCS/CTN, 44x34x41CM G.W.:13KG

BWN-FTTB-12A Fibre Termination Point Wall Mount 12 Ports SC Pigtail 1X8 Splitter


BWN-FTTB-12A Fibre Termination Point, designed and fully enclosed structure tailored for indoor wall mounting. Produced use high-quality PC+ABS plastic material, this termination point boasts exceptional impact resistance, ensuring durability and longevity. Its design guarantees wet-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, and anti-aging properties, reinforcing reliability in varied environmental conditions. With a protection level reaching IP54, it ensures superior defense mechanisms.

BWN-FTTB-12A is engineered to handle up to 12 SC adapters and pigtails, making it a comprehensive solution for fiber management. The innovative design includes a screw-secured hinged adapter tray, facilitating seamless fiber splicing, storage, and effortless installation of optical splitters—an absolute asset for Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) setups.

This Fiber Termination Point streamlines operations by combining clamping for feeder cable and drop cable, fiber splicing, secure fixation, efficient storage, and distribution—all within a single, compact unit. The smart flip-up feature further adds to its functionality, allowing feeder cable placement in a convenient cup-joint manner, simplifying both maintenance and installation processes.

To ensure a hassle-free installation experience, the Fibre Termination Point comes complete with mounting expansion screws, cable zip ties, and splice sleeves. Additionally, it offers the flexibility of being pre-equipped with a factory-installed 1×8 optical splitter, catering to varying network needs. The UV protected closure, featuring a rubber protective gasket along the fiber entry points, further underscores its commitment to safeguarding your connectivity investment.

Elevate your fiber optic connectivity with the BWN-FTTB-12A Fibre Termination Point, a versatile, all-in-one solution designed for superior performance and seamless integration.


Model BWN-FTTB-12A
Name Fibre Termination Point Wall Mount 12 Ports SC Pigtail 1X8 Splitter
Dimensions (H x W x D; unit: mm) 181 × 146 × 68 mm
Capacity: 12 Ports SC Adapter with Pigtails
Fusion Capacity(Max) 12 Cores
Splitter: 1 PCS 1×8 PLC
Cable diameter (mm) Number of Input Port: 4×ᴓ10 mm
Number of Output Ports: 12× 2x3mm or ᴓ5 mm
Installation Wall-mounted
Protection Grade IP54
Color PANTONE 428C Customizable
Material PC / ABS
Fire resistance / Flammability UL94 VO
Package size (H x W x D; unit: CM) 20PCS/CTN, 44x34x41CM
G.W.: 13KG

BWN-FTTB-12A Fibre Termination Point Wall Mount 12 Ports SC Pigtail 1X8 Splitter Product Views

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Fiber Termination Point Key Features

Adapters and Pigtails Compatibility:
The BWN-FTTB-12A can accommodate up to 12 SC adapters and pigtails, offering ample space for connecting optical fibers and ensuring efficient data transmission.

Hinged Adapter Tray with Secure Screw Fixing:
The Fiber Termination Point is equipped with a hinged adapter tray that is securely fastened with screws. This design allows for easy access to the fiber splicing area while providing a secure and protected environment.

Fiber Splicing and Storage:
The hinged adapter tray not only houses the adapters but also facilitates fiber splicing and storage. It’s designed to keep the fibers organized and protected, enhancing the overall efficiency of the fiber termination process.

Optical Splitter Installation:
The BWN-FTTB-12A is engineered to accommodate optical splitters, providing a space-efficient and organized setup for splitter installation. This ensures optimized distribution of optical signals to multiple endpoints.

Ideal for MDU Applications:
Tailored for Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks, the Fiber Termination Point is a perfect fit for scenarios where multiple users or units need reliable fiber optic connectivity within a building.

Compact and Efficient Design:
The compact design of the Fiber Termination Point makes it easy to install in various locations, optimizing space and providing a discreet solution for fiber connectivity needs.

The BWN-FTTB-12A Fiber Termination Point stands out as a high-performance and adaptable solution, meeting the demands of modern fiber optic networks in both residential and commercial settings.

Why Choose BWN-FTTB-12A Fibre Termination Point for FTTX Networks? Here’s why:

🔹 Exceptional Durability: Crafted from high-quality PC+ABS plastic, it’s built to last with remarkable impact resistance.

🔹 Reliable in Any Environment: Wet-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, and anti-aging properties ensure reliability in diverse conditions.

🔹 Comprehensive Fiber Management: Handles up to 12 SC adapters and pigtails, streamlining fiber connectivity.

🔹 Effortless Fiber Splicing: Features a secure hinged adapter tray for seamless splicing and optical splitter installation.

🔹 MDU Friendly: Ideal for Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) setups.

🔹 Compact All-in-One Design: Combines clamping, splicing, storage, and distribution in a single unit.

🔹 User-Friendly: Flip-up design simplifies feeder cable placement for easy maintenance and installation.

Ready to enhance your fiber optic connectivity?

Elevate your network with BWN-FTTB-12A!