3M SC/APC Singlemode Mechanical Fiber Quick Connector 250UM 900UM Metal V-groove

MBN-FOFC-N-0.9 With its simple two-piece design, the 900um mechanical fiber fast connector allows for quick and reliable field termination in less than two minutes.
This fiber quick connector, which is specifically designed for SC/APC Singlemode applications with Metal V-groove, can accept single-strand tight buffer or loose tube cables with a diameter of 250um or 900um. Its easy-to-use termination procedure guarantees consistent performance in a range of field applications.

  • Model: MBN-FOFC-N-0.9
  • Name: 3M SC/APC Singlemode Mechanical Fiber Quick Connector 250UM 900UM
  • Fiber: OD 125um
  • Cable Compatibility: 250um/900um
  • Fiber Category: Singlemode (OS1)
  • Insertion Loss Typical: <0.3 dB, 500 Rating
  • Groove: Metal V-groove
  • Tension: <0.2 dB, Change 3kg
  • Intermateibility: TIA/EIA 604-3
  • Installation Time: 3-5 Minutes

3M SC/APC Singlemode Mechanical Fiber Quick Connector 250UM 900UM Metal V-groove


3M SC/APC Singlemode Mechanical Fiber Quick Connector – the ultimate solution for rapid and reliable field termination in under two minutes!


Name3M SC/APC Singlemode Mechanical Fiber Quick Connector 250UM 900UM
Fiber OD125um
Cable Compatibility250um/900um
Fiber CategorySinglemode (OS1)
Insertion Loss Typical<0.3 dB, 500 Rating
GrooveMetal V-groove
Tension<0.2 dB, Change 3kg
IntermateibilityTIA/EIA 604-3
Installation Time3-5 Minutes

Connector Specifications

Connector TypeSC/APC
Housing ColorGreen
Ferrule MaterialZirconia
Housing MaterialComposite
Boot ColorGray

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Revolutionizing Fiber Connectivity: 3M SC/APC Singlemode Mechanical Fiber Quick Connector 250UM 900UM Metal V-groove

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, efficiency and reliability are paramount in network deployment. Enter the 3M SC/APC Singlemode Mechanical Fiber Quick Connector, a game-changer in the field of fiber connectivity. This innovative connector boasts a host of features designed to streamline installation processes, reduce costs, and ensure consistent performance in diverse applications.

Streamlined Design for Swift Deployment

At the heart of this connector is its straightforward two-piece design, engineered for rapid and consistent field termination in under two minutes. Whether you’re dealing with 900um or 250um single-strand tight buffer or loose tube cables, this connector adapts seamlessly to accommodate your needs. Its user-friendly termination process guarantees dependable performance, making it ideal for a wide range of field applications.

Cost and Time Efficiency

The Singlemode Mechanical Fiber Quick Connector is more than just a connector; it’s a cost-saving and time-efficient solution for drop fiber deployments. By providing the flexibility to connectorize your own flat drop fiber, it eliminates the need for expensive external services. Additionally, with a field-installable toolkit readily available, the installation process becomes a breeze, saving both time and resources. Its flexibility and reliability ensure fast and simple deployments within any network environment.

The Rise of Mechanical Connectors

Mechanical connectors are rapidly becoming indispensable in edge network deployment, thanks to their low insertion loss rating and minimal installation time. Unlike traditional connectors that require running new lines, mechanical connectors like ours can be used on slack cable, simplifying the installation process and making networks more accessible and reliable in the field.

Unrivaled Specifications

Let’s delve into the technical specifications that set our connector apart:

Nominal Fiber OD: 125um
Durability: Less than 0.3 dB, boasting a 500 rating for robust performance.
Technology: Epoxy Free with No Polish, ensuring hassle-free deployment.
Tension: Less than 0.2 dB change with a 3kg tension capacity.
Intermateibility: Compliant with TIA/EIA 604-3 standards for seamless integration.
Installation Time: A mere 3-5 minutes, optimizing efficiency without compromising quality.
Optimized Fiber Performance

Engineered for Singlemode (OS1) applications, our connector delivers exceptional performance across the board:

Cable Compatibility: Supports both 250um and 900um cables for enhanced versatility.
Insertion Loss: Typical insertion loss of just 0.3 dB, ensuring minimal signal degradation.
Reflectance: Typical reflectance of less than -55 dB for reliable signal transmission.
Connector Type: SC/APC polish, guaranteeing optimal connectivity.
Environmental Resilience: Operating temperature range of -40°C to +75°C, ensuring reliability in varying conditions.
Key Features for Seamless Deployment

Our connector is packed with features designed to simplify installation and enhance performance:

Simple, Fast & Consistent Field Termination: Ensures reliable connections in record time.
Reusable up to 3 Times: Maximizes cost-effectiveness and sustainability.
Utilizing VFL Through the Connector Window: Provides foolproof results for added peace of mind.
Flame Retardant Connector Housings: Prioritize safety without compromising performance.
Compliant to Standard TIA/EIA 604-3: Ensures compatibility and adherence to industry standards.
Highly Reliable with Low Insertion Loss: Guarantees consistent performance and signal integrity.
Join the Connectivity Revolution Today

In conclusion, the 3M SC/APC Singlemode Mechanical Fiber Quick Connector is not just a connector; it’s a catalyst for innovation and efficiency in fiber connectivity. With its streamlined design, cost-saving features, and unrivaled performance, it’s poised to revolutionize network deployment processes. Embrace the future of fiber connectivity and experience the difference firsthand.