16 Ports SC LC Duplex IP65 Fiber Termination Box

BWN-SK18-16B 6 Ports SC LC Duplex IP65 Fiber Termination Box is specifically designed to accommodate up to 16 subscribers and features various functionalities to enhance the efficiency of FTTx network systems. Serving as a crucial termination point, it enables the seamless connection between the feeder cable and the drop cable. Within its durable protective enclosure, this box integrates essential tasks such as fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, storage, and cable connections.

  • Model: BWN-SK18-16B
  • Dimension: 290x210x82mm
  • Capacity: 16 Pcs SC Adapter with Pigtail or 1pcs 1X16 PLC Splitter Cassette
  • Cable Ports: Entry ports and cable diameter 2×Φ8-16mm
    Drop ports and cable diameter 16×Φ3-5mm
  • Material: PC+ABS
  • Weight: 1.30KGS
  • Installation: Wall Mounting/ Pole Mounting
  • Protection Grade: IP65
  • Packing info: 60X31X46CM  10pcs/CTN  14KGS

16 Ports SC LC Duplex IP65 Fiber Termination Box


16 Ports SC LC Duplex IP65 Fiber Termination Box effortlessly caters to the needs of up to 16 subscribers. Its primary role as a termination point for the feeder cable to link with the drop cable in an FTTx network remains unchanged. However, this all-in-one unit offers a streamlined approach by consolidating fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, and cable connections. It not only ensures reliable protection but also facilitates efficient management within a single enclosure. Additionally, the inclusion of a pre-terminated Fiber Access Terminal further optimizes installation time and reduces labor costs. This feature allows direct connections between pre-terminated cable assemblies and corresponding fiber adapters, eliminating the need for on-site termination of fiber optic cables.


Name16 Ports SC LC Duplex IP65 Fiber Termination Box
Max Capacity16 Adapter and Pigtail or 1X16 SC PLC Cassette
Cable Ports16 Ports drop cable; 2 ports input/output midspan cable; 2 ports input/output end cable
Protection GradeIP65
InstallationWall mounting/ Pole mounting
Robust MaterialAnti-ultraviolet, Anti-aging, Corrosion Resistance and Waterproof
ApplicationOutdoor FTTX Networks
Packing Information10pcs/carton, 60X46X32CM, G.W.: 14KGS

16 Ports SC LC Duplex IP65 Fiber Termination Box More Views

caja de distribucion de fibra optica caja distribución fibra óptica caja fibra cajas nap 16 puertos

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Fiber Optic Splitter Box Installation Type

Pole Mount A

caja de distribucion de fibra optica caja distribución fibra óptica

Pole Mount with Fiber Storage Bracket B

terminal optica

Aerial Mount

caja fibra

Wall Mount

cajas nap 16 puertos


Termination Point: Connects the feeder cable to drop cables within the FTTx network.
Fiber Management: Integrates splicing, splitting, distribution, storage, and cable connections in one robust enclosure.
Pre-terminated Capability: Streamlines installation and reduces costs by connecting pre-terminated cables directly to adapters, eliminating on-site termination.

Enhanced Efficiency and Protection:

Effortless Connectivity: Serves up to 16 subscribers with pre-terminated cables.
All-in-One Solution: Combines various fiber management functions for streamlined operations.
Durable Protection: IP65 enclosure safeguards against harsh environments.
Simplified Management: Offers efficient organization and control of your FTTx network.
Pivotal Role in FTTx Communication:

This termination box acts as a critical component in your FTTx network, facilitating seamless:

Feeder Cable to Drop Cable Connection: Establishes efficient data flow.
Comprehensive Fiber Management: Ensures optimal performance and reliability.
Robust Protection: Safeguards your network infrastructure from external factors.