PLC Optical Splitter Technology and Production Process

PLC Optical Splitter Technology and Production Process

A PLC optical splitter has many advantages over conventional splitters. These devices combine chip-size devices and multiple functions onto a single clip, allowing for greater performance and reliability. The manufacturing process involves a series of steps, including alignment of the chip on the fiber array and applying epoxy. The Passive Splitter Fiber Optic is then packaged into a metal housing and tested for temperature cycling before being shipped. This process is performed to ensure that the splitter functions properly.

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A PLC optical splitter uses a larger operating wavelength than an FBT splitter. This means it can be applied to more applications in both FTTx and PON networks. By contrast, FBT splitters are limited to 850 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm wavelengths. In addition, the manufacturing process has an impact on temperature-dependent loss and insertion loss. A PLC splitter operates well at temperatures ranging from -50 to 75 degrees.

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In addition to durability testing, thePLC optical splitter undergoes a series of tests to determine its uniformity. These tests include thermal shock, vibration, and temperature cycling. These tests simulate the wear and tear of an optical splitter and ensure that it continues to function under normal conditions. In addition, the optical splitter is subjected to mechanical shock, which is used to ensure that it does not break when dropped. A fixture is set up 1.8 meters high and is dropped from it eight times. This cycle is repeated five times.

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PLC optical splitters are designed for use in FTTH and PON networks. They are compact, reliable, and are available in 2×4, 2×8, 2×16, 2X32 Splitter ,and 2×64 PLC Splitter models. They are also flexible enough to accommodate future network upgrades and development requirements. For this reason, they are becoming the first choice for many optical networks. But PLC optical splitters are also highly reliable and cost-effective, so they’re a wise choice.

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