Fiber Optic Splice Closure Manufacturers

Fiber Optic Splice Closure Manufacturers

Fiber optic splice closures are a necessary component for telecommunications networks. They must be stored, supported, and secured in the field. Fiber optic splice closures from leading manufacturers provide solutions to these needs. Streamlining installation processes and performing regular maintenance in the field is an added benefit. Optical Fiber Cable Joint Closure come in different configurations and models to meet the needs of various customers.

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Bwinners Series: These high capacity splice closures are intended for major splice points in a network. They support the Inline and Dome configurations. The gasketed and patented cable seals prevent water from leaking inside the enclosure. Both Dome and inline models are designed to handle large splice points and are durable. Heat Shrinkable Sealing Fiber Cable Joint Box 288 Cores Model: GJS-25-8 : This enclosure features 1 In 6 Out, 7 Ports, a large capacity 288 Cores(12X 24F Trays), and is perfect for outdoor applications.

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Universal Access Junction Box: TheMBN-FOSC-A17(12 Port 160 Cores Horizontal Splice Closure FOSC)  and MBN-FOSC-A16 (Big Capacity Optical Fiber Enclosure Up to 288 Cores) offer universal access and a variety of configurations. The MBN-FOSC-A17 Fiber Optic Splice Closure features a hinge in one side and a flip-over cover on the other. Splice Capacity:32 Cores X 5 Splice tray, 160 Cores, and the closure Cable Hole: 4 In 8 Out, 12 ports.The MBN-FOSC-A16 Horizontal Joint Enclosure can accommodate up to 288 splicing points.

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Ningbo Bwnfiber Optical Tech Co.,Ltd is a leading horizontal type splice closure manufacturer in China. The company has a highly productive factory that is equipped to meet customer’s specific needs. Its competitive price range and customized designs allow it to compete with other manufacturers. If you’re in the market for fiber optic splice closures, make sure to contact a reputable manufacturer today.

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