fiber optic cable

Aerial Fiber Optic Cable

Aerial fiber optic cable is an insulated fiber optic cable erected on tower poles specially designed for outdoor aerial, air, and overhead applications. It is also called overhead or air fiber optic cable. Aerial cables are some of the most cost-effective methods of deployment. Operators can use existing poles to avoid digging up roads to bury cables or ducts. The outer jacket of the aerial cable is enhanced with high-quality materials that resist excess heat and moisture. In addition, this cable also includes a ¼” galvanized messenger wire for stability. This figure-eight design reduces the installation time and cost by approximately 50%. Aerial fiber optic cables are commonly used in cable television, outside plants, and telecom applications.

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Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cable

Direct burial fiber optic cable is an underground fiber optic cable specially designed for direct buried installation with steel tape or wire armor outside. Direct burial is the most convenient way to lay optical cables. It saves the cost of pipeline and overhead installation. The cable is usually made of a plastic sheath and surrounded by a protective armor. This armored fiber optic cable protects the fiber from damage caused by rodents and other animals. In addition, the direct burial cable is also designed to be moisture-resistant, which helps prevent water from seeping into it and damaging the fibers. Direct burial cable is primarily used in direct burial in the soil or underground conduits.
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