aerial fiber optic cable

Aerial Fiber Optic Cable

Aerial fiber optic cable is an insulated fiber optic cable erected on tower poles specially designed for outdoor aerial, air, and overhead applications. It is also called overhead or air fiber optic cable. Aerial cables are some of the most cost-effective methods of deployment. Operators can use existing poles to avoid digging up roads to bury cables or ducts. The outer jacket of the aerial cable is enhanced with high-quality materials that resist excess heat and moisture. In addition, this cable also includes a ¼” galvanized messenger wire for stability. This figure-eight design reduces the installation time and cost by approximately 50%. Aerial fiber optic cables are commonly used in cable television, outside plants, and telecom applications.

aerial fiber optic cable

Aerial fiber optic cables are used very commonly nowadays. We can even see the aerial cables hanging on the poles. In addition, they are also suspended on towers or other supports. These cables are exposed to harsh outdoor environments, so their materials must be strong and durable. On the other hand, while deploying aerial fiber cable, you must consider protecting it from the destruction of nature and man-made damage or theft. You can utilize the existing overhead pole line to install. It saves more on construction costs and shortens the construction period. However, compared with direct burial fiber optic cable, the failure rate of aerial cables is still higher.

Bwnfiber is a leading aerial fiber optic cable supplier & manufacturer in China. We supply aerial fiber optic cable in 9/125 single mode and 50/125 OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 multimode versions. In addition, we can also tailor aerial cables to your needs. Your logo, text, picture, and patterns can be put on the cables. Over the years, our products have covered the USA, Saudi Arabia, the UK, France, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, etc.

Types of Aerial Fiber Optic Cable

Based on their installation method, aerial cables are usually categorized under two types – self-supporting and catenary wire.


Self-supporting aerial cables, also known as all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cables are bonded to insulated steel or all-dielectric messenger for support. Usually, ADSS cables are made up of heavier jackets and stronger metal. This cable construction includes a messenger wire which allows it to be run in a single pass. They are commonly employed in long-haul and building network communication. In addition, if the installation doesn’t have an existing messenger wire, we can opt for the self-supported aerial optical cable.

Catenary Wire

Catenary wire aerial cables are the usual outdoor loose-tube cables. This aerial cable can be helically lashed to a messenger wire or another cable. It is commonly used in CATV applications.

Benefits of Aerial Fibre Optic Cable

Aerial fiber optic cables have many advantages.

Faster Connectivity

Aerial installation is a much faster and cheaper method. You can utilize the existing overhead pole line to install. In addition, aerial fiber optic cables allow for covering long distances fast, sometimes in just a day’s work.


Aerial placement is usually less expensive. We can take advantage of existing electrical or other network poles. So, it is a preferred solution in rural and low-density areas.


Aerial cables are quite lightweight and flexible. And even have a small diameter. So, they are easy to manage and extremely portable.


Aerial cables are extremely reliable and sturdy. They are designed for a lifespan of 25 years. They can withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, ice, heat, and UV rays.

FAQ of Aerial Fibre Optic Cable

How to install aerial fiber optic cable?

There are typically two installation methods for aerial fiber cable the moving reel and the stationary reel.

Where are aerial fiber optic cable applications?

Aerial fiber optic cables are commonly used in cable television, outside plants, and telecom applications.

Can aerial fiber optic cables be customized?

Yes. Our engineers can interface with you and customize aerial fiber cables according to your needs.

Can I customize the color of the sheath?

Yes. We confirm the Pantone color code and then produce the sheath color.

Can my company’s message and logo be customized?

Yes. We can print company information or logos on fiber optic cables.

What is the minimum order length for aerial fiber optic cable?

The minimum order quantity is 1km.

How many days is the production cycle?

5-10 days.

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