Advantages of OM5 Fiber Patch Cord

Advantages of OM5 Fiber Patch Cord

OM5 fiber patch cord has the same size of fibers as a typical OM4 cable . It supports legacy applications in existing data centers without requiring significant changes to existing cabling. Its high-density connectors are also compatible with OM4, making it a great choice for short-range connections. In fact,OM5 fiber patch cords can extend as long as 150 meters with the same types of fiber optic transceivers.

Om3 Duplex Patch Cord

The OM5 fiber patch cord has higher bandwidths than a corresponding OM3/OM4 fiber. Depending on the application, it may be better suited for high-speed data center applications. This type of fiber is defined by the TIA and the IEC and has a core diameter of 50/125mm. It is also known as broadband multimode patch cord. The identifying color of an OM5 patch cord is aqua green.

OM3 Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cable

OM5 fiber patch cords are available in several different styles and prices. OM2 fibers have an orange jacket, while OM3 and OM4 fibers have aqua jackets. If you are looking for a fiber optic cable with a bright magenta color, it is probably a OM4. OM3 and OM5 fibers are all 50/125 um in diameter. The connectors on OM5 fiber patch cords have different color codes. For example, some are marked as “optimized for OM3/OM4” while others are standard laser-optimized.

Duplex Patchcord

OM5 fibers can handle higher bandwidth than a OM3/OM4 fiber. OM5 fibers can support four different wavelengths instead of one channel. This means that OM5 fibers can carry more data at the same time. And because of their high bandwidth, they can support 200/400G Ethernet applications. Its high density can lower your cabling costs.

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